The Best Art Sets (Reviews & Comparison)

If you are looking for a fully comprehensive selection of art materials that can be used to create everything from sketches to watercolors and possibly even a mixture of mediums, a full art set is one of the best investments you can make.

Suitable for beginners and professionals, these diverse and well-stocked sets allow you to buy a stock of all of the essential artistic materials you may need without having to purchase separate paint brushes, colors or pencils.

As perfect gift ideas for children, loved ones, or anybody else with an interest in art, these collections of materials provide hours of creative fun.

What kind of art sets art there?

There is a wide range of art sets available and most will contain pencils, charcoals and pastels as standard, however, some will also include a range of paints, erasers, brushes and other tools.

Price ranges can vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the materials included, the size of the package is also a factor as some contain a wider range of paints or other media than others.

Many art sets come with carrying cases to keep all of the materials together, some of which can be quite decorative though others are more minimal in order to keep costs down.

Though most aren’t recommended for children under 3, some have been created with non-toxic ingredients to minimize the risk of choking or other accidents; many also include recycled or environmentally friendly materials.

What to consider when buying an art set?

Though many art sets provide you with a wide range of materials, it can be a good idea to look carefully at what is in the container to make sure that any media you have a particular interest in using is included.

Some sets may include watercolor cakes rather than acrylic paints whereas others will include a mixture of everything.

If storage is an issue for you, the quality of the case included will be something to think about as well as how much space it takes up when closed.

Depending on your level, you may also want to consider how much you need to spend in order to get the kind of materials you need. Though some budget sets will include everything a beginner needs, some of them may be a little too basic for a professional artist.

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Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

This comprehensive art set includes practically everything the artist in your life may need. Though not suitable for children under 8, due to some small parts, this is ideal for creative people.

The deluxe wooden case gives this package a very professional feel and the number of materials that are included would make it a great gift. Included with the package is a range of pencils that can be used for technical drawing, shading and sketching.

The leads are of a good quality and range between hard H grading to softer B gradings. There are are also 24 oil pastels and 24 watercolor cakes for those who enjoy painting. The 3 mixing palettes that come with the set mean that you have a good scope to blend your own colors without running out of space.

In addition to the consumable materials that are included, the manufacturers also provide a color chart, paintbrushes, pencil sharpener and eraser, so you won’t need to buy anything else to get started. Anybody with an interest in creating their own art will get a great deal from this well presented and generously stocked art set and little touches like drawer included in the wooden case and the quality of the construction make the whole package feel of a very good quality.

  • Sturdy wooden case
  • Great range of materials
  • Low price

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US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set

Presented in a suitcase-style carrying case that comes with a clasp locking system, this is a neat and well-presented set of art materials for all of the budding Picassos in your family or friend circle.

Designed for use in small studios, classrooms or children’s bedrooms, you can have hours of fun painting and drawing whatever your imagination can come up with. The set includes 24 watercolor cakes, oil pastels and colored pencils, so you have a great choice in terms of the mediums you can use to create your next masterpiece.

Unlike some of the other packages that are available, this set also includes a fantastic array of bonus items including an extra heavyweight watercolor painting pad,  a collection of 15 brushes, 3 mixing trays, a ruler, eraser and a pencil sharpener.

This package is basically an all in one art supply collection that covers everything you need. It could be used as a backup supply for professional designers or artists, a first-class gift idea for a creative friend who needs a little help getting started or perhaps a little treat to yourself if you want to explore a new hobby.

The high-quality wood case makes this feel like a good quality item and the selection of materials and accessories offer fantastic value for money.

  • Attractive wooden case
  • A diverse selection of materials
  • Many bonus items

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Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

This deluxe art set provides everything you need to get started in practically any medium. The well-appointed 80 piece set includes watercolor cakes, oil pastels, colored pencils and a range of brushes and accessories.

A great all in one package that comes complete with a sturdy wooden case for easy transportation and protection from accidental damage. This package has been created to appeal to the serious artist and additional extras such as the kneaded eraser and sanding blocks make it a good option for the seasoned professional, or those who appreciate great variety and value for money.

Though Darice is not the best-known brand in the world of art supplies, this a very well balanced collection of good quality materials that are presented in a practical, snap shut case. This means you can keep everything together and won’t have to worry about things getting lost or damaged.

For students or artists who need to move around a lot, the carrying case provides an effective means of transportation and will easily fit into larger bags.

  • Very high-quality materials
  • Perfect for professionals
  • Snap close carrying case

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Royal and Langnickel Artist Set for Beginners

For beginners and those who would like to explore the world of creativity in art without having to spend a great deal of money, the Royal and Langnickel artist set is ideal. Including a handy “how to” guide that explains basic drawing techniques as well a selection of graphite pencils, colored pencils and charcoals, this premium collection is presented in an attractive wooden carrying case which measures 13 inches by 6 inches.

Unlike many other sets on the market, the carrying case included here is a sturdy but light aluminum, which won’t scratch or splinter as some wooden cases can.

The overall finish is very good and as both a gift idea and a genuinely useful supply of essential materials for those who may need them, this is a very competitively priced product that will provide hours of fun.

Though some may prefer the inclusion of paints and other supplies, if you are looking to learn the basics, this minimal but very high-quality kit will be perfect for you.

  • Light and sturdy aluminum case
  • Great quality
  • Includes a guide on drawing techniques

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Ccfoud 258 Piece Inspiration Art Set for Drawing and Sketching

If you are looking for a perfect gift idea when it comes to birthdays or other special occasions, this art set could be a great choice.

The manufacturers of this collection of materials and accessories explain how drawing can help to develop motor skills, imagination and creative thinking skills in children. This means a gift of an art set can be beneficial to education and development as well as being great fun to use.

Included within this extensive collection is a galaxy of colored marker pens and pencils, paints, brushes, pastels and more. Though priced very reasonably, this jumbo set of materials really is everything you need for drawing, painting, crafting and coloring.

Though Ccfoud is not the most well-known brand the amount you get for your money here is a great plus point. Like most of the sets on our list, a handy carrying case is included and you can enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with their one-year warranty policy. This means that if there are any problems, you can get the product replaced without any issues.

Included in this package are 48 colored pencils, 48 marker pens, 48 fine liners, 60 oil pastels, 24 watercolor pencils and 24 watercolor cakes. There are also pencil sharpeners, erasers, brushes and a water bottle, so this is really a great all round set for the price you pay.

  • Massive selection of pens, pencils and paints
  • One year warranty
  • Carrying case included

Kiddycolor Art Creative Set (best for children)

If you have children and would like to introduce them to the wonderful world of art, this is one of the best products on the market today.

Featuring a nifty, fold-out case that holds the various different pens, paints and pastels that are included, Kiddycolor’s art set is custom made for creative young people. Unlike many of the other art sets available, this collection includes acrylic paint, which is a very diverse medium that can have some fantastically bold results. There is also a selection of crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels and specially designed watercolor pens.

Watercolor pens are quite rare and though this package is aimed at children, this doesn’t mean it is simple or basic in any way. Quite the opposite is true as the quality of the materials on offer here is very good and would even be suitable for older artists who happen to have a smaller budget than they may like.

This is marketed as a deluxe art set, so if you really want to treat your kids to something a little bit special for their birthday or perhaps another occasion, this diverse and very well selected collection of art supplies could be the ideal way to do so.

  • Smart folding case
  • Includes acrylics and watercolor pens
  • Very good quality

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Overall, unless you have a particular brand in mind or are especially choosy about the type of materials you will use, this is one of the best art sets on the market today. Whether you plan to take up a new hobby yourself, replenish your diminishing art supplies in the classroom, studio or office or perhaps surprise somebody special in your life with a gift that will keep on giving, this is a great buy that offers hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

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