The Best Art Brush Pens Reviewed

Combining the accuracy of a pen with surface area coverage of a brush was a stroke (no pun intended) of genius that revolutionized the way artists use inks on paper.

There is now an extensive range of high-quality brush pens to suit every level and their popularity is a testament to their effectiveness. This guide looks at the best brush pens available to help you decide which ones are a good choice for you.

Used to create vivid, colorful works of art on canvas, sketch pads and other materials, Brush pens are a versatile and flexible tool that can be used by beginners and professionals alike.

Brush pens can be used for simple coloring if you have young children or perhaps work in a nursery or primary school. They can also be used by graphic designers, artists and students for more complex work, including shading and highlighting.

Some offices may also benefit from investing in a good quality selection of brush pens as they can great for use as highlighters when marking long or complex documents. Whatever you need to use brush pens for, this guide aims to explain a little about what kinds are available and which packages you might like to consider buying this year.

Our Picks For The Best Brush Pens of 2018

Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Brush Pens

Aimed at the enthusiasts and aspiring professionals, the Faber Castell studio box of 24 brush pens has a minimal selection of essential colors which should provide any artist with the basic building blocks they need to create something spectacular.

Unlike some of the cheaper products on the market, this selection of brush pens is filled with high-quality India ink that is both quick drying and waterproof, so you can use a multitude of color one area without worrying about distortion caused by bleeding or smudges.

If you value longevity and plan to exhibit your work in the home, workplace or elsewhere, these pens are designed to be resistant to fading, so your creations should stay vivid and bright long after you have finished painting.

Available in a range of thicknesses, the brush tips are crafted to exact specifications. From the superfine .1mm tip for intricate detailing and very fine lines to much wider 1to5mm tips that can be used to cover more surface area or for blending.

Keeping your art materials safe is always recommended and the included slide-out storage case means you can save space and keep everything secure.

The manufacturers of these pens recommend they are stored horizontally to maintain a bold, vibrant color, so this is worth remembering if you do make a purchase. Overall the ph neutral, India ink and professional presentation make this a great investment for those who appreciate quality over quantity.

Ideal for: This is our No.1 choice for anyone

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Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Watercolor Brush Pens

These Japanese manufactured Brush Pens are extremely high quality and have been designed for many different uses, however, they are absolutely perfect for calligraphy. This is somewhat of a lost art form and those who practice it would benefit greatly from this 60 piece set which includes very fine tipped brushes as well as much wider bristled nibs so you can craft lines of any width.

There are a range of colors on offer here and the manufacturers state that their inks produce a “clean” color that will look well defined on any suitable surface. The quality of the ink is critical when it comes to this kind of pen and although you generally need to pay a little more for higher quality materials, if you are a professional or an enthusiast who values excellence, this set could well be for you.

Pens can get lost and damaged easily if they are not stored properly, however, this package comes with a simple but very effective barrel style container in which you can store your brush pens when they are not being used. Even young children could benefit from this set as the vivid, vibrant colors and easy to use nibs can create really striking visual effects, even for those without a high level of art skills.

Ideal for: Pro artists

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Ohuhu Art Markers Dual Tips Coloring Brush Pen & Fine Liner Color Pens

This set comes with a generous 60 colors that will allow you to create any picture. Selected to include primary and secondary colors, these highly pigmented inks are designed to dry quickly so you can layer up many different shades and tones in a short space of time. The case is a barrel style design that makes it simple to choose from the selection of colors on offer.

As a versatile medium, the brush pen allows artists of all levels to create striking and memorable work. Whether you have an interest in illustrations for books, greetings cards or posters or perhaps want to learn a new skill such as calligraphy, this diverse selection of pens is all you need to get started.

The flexible dual tips provide both refinement and flexibility so you can great intricate, fine line patterns or use the broader side for shading, blending and shadowing. Overall, this is a good entry level kit that is also suitable for enthusiastic amateurs or professionals on a budget.

Ideal for: Entry level kit fro beginners

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Watercolor Brush Pen Set

Including 20 colors and durable carrying case, this package has everything you need to get started with this media.

Watercolor painting is possible on appropriate surfaces as the inks will blend very well to create a subtle, background color effect.

The tips are durable and well made enough to handle strong, bold lines, calligraphy and a multitude of techniques such as blending, highlighting or shadow work. Precision line drawing is also possible with this set as the flexible tips mean the pens can be used for fine detail as well as larger surface areas.

The ink used in these pens is non-toxic, odorless and won’t streak or smudge after application and the tips are resilient and flexible enough to withstand a fair amount of pressure while still retaining their original shape.

This collection of quality brush pens would make an ideal gift for children or adults who have an interest in learning to use techniques such as watercolor, calligraphy or a mixture of drawing and painting on the same canvas.

With 20 different colors to choose from and a special water brush tool for blending, this reasonably priced package provides great value for money and a good selection of materials for inspired artists. Storage and transportation is also taken care of as the brush pens come in their own case which means they won’t get lost or damaged when not in use.

Ideal for: Watercolor painting

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MozArt Supplies Water Brush Pens

Mozart’s collection comes with six different brush tip sizes, which means that you can change them around as and when you may need them. This is a fantastic plus point as it allows you a great deal of creative freedom.

If you already have a range of inks or even watercolor paint that you like to use, this selection of additional brush tips will help you to develop your art skills to another level.

The pen barrel works with the flexible tips to give the user total control over both the flow of ink or water and the size of the lines drawn. The main appeal of this collection is the potential for versatility, though inks will need to be purchased separately.

The manufacturers have referred to the sheer convenience of this product as one of its main selling points. Being able to mix watercolor style paint colors without the need for a jar of water on standby is definitely going to appeal to those with minimal space or those who like to work outside of the house with a simple set up.

Lightweight, portable and a great addition to the arsenal for those who want the freedom and flexibility of multiple tip sizes. Though not recommended for absolute beginners, those with some experience of changing tips and filling brush pens with ink or watercolor should get a lot out of this product.

Ideal for: Those on a tight budget

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What type of Brush Pens are there?

There are a wide range of different brush pens available, each with slightly different qualities and attributes. The key difference many artists will need to consider is the size, shape and width of the bristles used to make up the nib of the pen.

Some pens are designed to produce wide, thick lines and others are crafted to allow artists to draw or paint fine lines and minute detail.

There are also several colors available from brush pens and though some packs may only include black or darker shades, it is possible to find varieties that include a kaleidoscope of bright and subtle colors that can be used to create anything you like.

As with all art supplies, there are also a range of levels available, from basic, beginner brush pens that are designed for use by children and first-time artists through to high level, professional brush pens that are better suited to graphic designers, working artists and those with a significant amount of experience. The difference in build quality and materials used will often be reflected in the price of the product.

What to consider when buying Brush Pens

Purchasing a set of brush pens is fairly straightforward and there are a range of competitively priced products available but before you decide to agree to a sale, you will need to consider how they will be used so you can get the best value for your money.

  • If you are planning on giving a set of brush pens to young children or perhaps using them in a classroom environment, it would make sense to opt for low cost, sturdy options that can withstand day to day use and wear and tear.
  • Similarly, if you are a professional artist or designer with specific needs, you will benefit from investing in a higher priced set of brush pens that can cope with the demands of a professional environment.
  • If you are a beginner, a small set of brush pens will be more than adequate though a range of wide and narrow bristled nibs could be a good way of allowing yourself to explore the different ways in which these tools can be used.
  • If you are already familiar with brush pens, using a selection that includes delicate bristled nibs or special materials will not be a problem for you and may even improve the quality of your work.

As with any new purchase, the key is to consider your budget, your needs and how the product will be used on a day to day basis.

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