The Best Calligraphy Pens for Writing Wedding Invitations

After weeks of searching, you’ve finally found the perfect wedding invitations. It’s time to get them sent off to your guests, but first, you need to write them.

Before getting down to business, it’s important to find the right pen. You’ve spent too much time on your invites to ruin them with sloppy handwriting.

Thankfully, we are here to help. In this article, we explore the best calligraphy pens for writing wedding invitations.

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Our No.1 Choice: Tombow Brush Pen Pack

Tombow’s brush pen sets come in two different sizes: a two-pack or a three-pack. In each set, one pen has a hard nib while the other has a soft nib.

This gives you the flexibility to create various styles of writing. If you’re new to calligraphy, this allows you to explore different techniques to find which works best.

The ink is black and water-based, making it easy to remove from clothing or furniture if necessary. Compared to other calligraphy pens, this Tombow set is relatively affordable. With this in mind, they’re perfect for those who only plan to use the set once or twice.



The Pilot Parallel

Popular on Amazon, the Pilot Parallel calligraphy set comes with four different pens. If you’re hoping to use a variety of thicknesses, this set is a great choice. Users can choose from a 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm, and 6.0mm nib.

Better still, each pen comes with two ink cartridges – one black and one red. This means that you can add a hint of colour to your invitations without going over the top. Just like the name suggests, each pen uses parallel plate technology to enhance the sharpness and precision of your work.

This pen set also comes with a nib cleaner to keep your pens in great condition. This, along with the fact that each pen is refillable, should keep your pens in top shape for years to come.



Sakura Brush Pen Set

If you’re hoping to add colour to your invitations, Sakura’s eight-piece brush pen set is a great choice. Containing a range of colours, users can choose between black, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, brown, and red.

The inks are bold and intense, as well as being chemical-proof, waterproof, and fade-resistant. They’re also compatible with most paper types, so you don’t have to worry about bleeding or smears.

Crafted from flexible elastic, the brush tips allow you to create both thick and thin lines. If you feel that eight colours are too much for you, Sakura’s pens are available in smaller packs, too.



Speedball Oblique

With an oblique handle, Speedball’s pen is designed to accommodate the unique hand positioning that calligraphy requires.

The unique shape makes it perfect for both right and left-handers. With this pen, you can enjoy writing your invitations without the strain or discomfort associated with other calligraphy pens. Better still, you get a good amount of kit for your money.

The set includes one pen with six interchangeable nibs ranging in size and thickness. The only downside is that you have to buy the ink separately; however, it’s compatible with a variety of different ink cartridges so regular calligraphers may already have something suitable.

One to avoid: Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set

Containing 33-pieces, the Staedtler Pen Set is more than just a calligraphy pen. Included in the set are four pens with interchangeable inks and 20 cartridges in seven different colours.

Essentially, it contains everything you’ll need to create professional calligraphy. The nibs come in a range of sizes from extra bold to extra fine. The pack also includes a practice pad and guidebook to help get you started.

As the set comes in an organised storage tin, everything can be stored safely in between uses. All of the ink is 20 per cent water-based and perfect for both experts and beginners alike.

But… the problem with it is the pens seem to break very easily!

If you’re new to calligraphy, practice using your pens on some scrap paper before writing on your wedding invitations. This way, you can perfect your skill beforehand and avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

How to Choose the Right Pen

Choosing the best calligraphy pen can be difficult because there are so many different types available.

Before making a decision, it’s important to consider your needs and your level of experience. Some calligraphy pens come with coloured ink, while others can only be used with black; in fact, some pens include no ink and require you to purchase it separately.

With this in mind, it’s important to take into account the type of ink you’re looking for. If you’re going for a traditional look, black ink may be best; if you’re looking for something a little more modern, experiment with colour. In terms of your experience level, a pen with water-based ink is a great choice for beginners. This way, any spills can be cleared up easily.

Just like fountain pens, some calligraphy pens can be dipped in ink while others require cartridges. If you’re using a dip pen, you’ll have to refill the nib every few strokes – this can be annoying if you’re trying to practice. With this in mind, beginners may be better off using a pen with a cartridge. This way, you can develop your skill without restrictions.

Another thing to consider is the nib of the pen. Some calligraphy pens have a single nib while others have a selection of interchangeable ones. A pen with several different nibs will allow you to create both thick and thin lettering. This is great for those looking to vary up the style of their writing. Another option is a calligraphy marker; ideal for beginners, a calligraphy marker will allow you to perfect your writing before investing in a more expensive pen.

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