The Best Cellos – 2018 Buyers Guide

Buying a cello requires a fairly big investment they are quite expensive but should last you for years to come.

This guide to the best cellos available on the market in 2018 can help you find the perfect model whether you are a beginner, student or a professional cellist playing in an orchestra!

We’ve arranged some of the best models from lower end more affordable choices to high end and from student level to more advanced, to help you make the right decision. Here’s what we recommend:

Best For Beginners & Students

Crescent Beginner Cello

The Crescent is a good choice for students and beginners and is excellent value for money. Quality aesthetics are matched by its durability, with a crack-proof spruce top and maple neck, back and sides.

The standard model comes with a padded carry case, meaning this is a good choice for children who are carrying their cello for the first time! Its high luster finish and alloy pin give you something that will last them into their higher grades.

  • High luster varnish
  • Sturdy & lasting
  • Great value for money

The price won’t throw you off and is something that many new cellists can afford. While it may take a little setting up (users report the strings can be a little hard to set) all told it is one of the best cellos for the money.


Stentor Student Cello

Another good beginner cello with a balance of fine quality construction and a beautiful sound. The body, bridge and frog are all made from solid tonewood, with inlaid purfling to stop the wood splitting over time.

Its beauty will last meaning you should a decent return when ready to move on to a better model. If you can afford it, choose the Elyria Arcadia version which will give more for your money.


  • Solid tonewoods
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Good resale value

As a starter instrument, this can easily see you up to grade 5, by which stage you will start to get a feel for cello playing and will be ready for a change. An ideal balance and recommended by many cello schools.




The visual appeal of the Cecilio is stunning. If your wallet allows, go for the flamed maple construction of the higher end models as you are sure to impress whatever company you’re in, this is one of the best cellos for a budding performer.


  • Flamed maple finish
  • Guaranteed to last

With a few adjustments at the luthier, you can also turn an advanced student model into more of an intermediate sound. Speak to your local music store about tweaking it and you won’t be disappointed. If quality is your focus, this makes an ideal choice.


Best Cellos for Professionals


Montagnana is one of the most popular cello brands you can buy. You may find it wider than other models you are used to, but the result is a broad, dark sound with a deep booming base. Sound quality is clear, warm and appealing with consistent projection. This cello makes a fine number for ensembles, with a deep bass that doesn’t drown out the other instruments.


  • Broad, dark sound
  • Even projection
  • Ideal for chamber music and string quartet

Montagnana models have been used by professionals for many years and will be perfect for playing live. An ideal balance of aesthetics, construction and sound that will not only impress with looks but will back itself up once heard. If you are to make performance a regular thing, make this your companion.


Cremona SC-165 Premier

A step up from some of the earlier ones on this list, the Cremona has the added touch of beauty without adding much to the price. Its fine wood construction of solid spruce and maple body and Swiss-style rosewood pegs give you the sound that can stun crowds as you advance onto the performance scene.


  • Durable & easy to play
  • Fine quality construction
  • Ideal for advancing student – working professional

Looks alone don’t make great music however and luckily this is backed up with its excellent tone and playability. Those familiar with the Cremona standard on any string instrument know you are in for a treat – and with a few optional modifications, it can be nothing short of stunning. If you’re looking at turning professional or at that high level, this is a great choice.


Whatever cello you choose, make sure it uses fine tonewoods, quality strings and is backed by a guarantee. Whether you are a student and want one to last or see a long career with many models ahead, getting good value for money will pay off to ensure that your cello plays well in every set of hands it’s passed into.

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