Best Copic Marker Carrying Cases

One of the biggest challenges for sketch artists is getting around with their Copic markers. Sure, they typically come in a case. But when your collection starts to exceed 50 markers, keeping them all in one place becomes harder.

That’s where a carrying case steps in.

This type of case is designed to keep your drawing instruments organized at home, at the studio, and on the go. It’s usually made from sturdy canvas and comes with a shoulder strap or handles for easy carrying. Furthermore, most are even compact enough to fit into an artist’s bag or backpack.

Before buying, you must asses its capacity and the type of closure. If so many variables give you headaches, check out our selection to find the best Copic marker carrying case for you.

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NIUTOP 120 Slots Marker Case

NIUTOP 120 Slots Marker Pen Case Markers Carrying Bag Holder for Alcohol Marker and Art Sketch...
  • ★HIGH CAPACITY- This Marker Case with 120 individual elastic slots keeps your...
  • ★MARKERS MORE ACCESSIBLE- Case can be unfold and extend to display all your Colored...
  • ★MULTI-PURPOSE- It can hold various tool like art Sketch Marker, dry erase marker,...

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  • Brand: NIUTOP
  • Model: 120-slot marker case
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.1 x 11.6 x 1.7 inches
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Canvas

The NIUTOP 120-slot tops the charts as the best Copic marker carrying case around. It has the best capacity for newbies and experienced sketchers alike, and it can store and carry your expanded collection of markers.

An innovative design makes it easy to ditch some tabs or add them to the case, based on the size of your collection. Furthermore, the fact that you can take out the middle dividers also offers easier access to your pens.

The slots are made from high-quality elastic that accommodates most pens. However, keep in mind that the loops are designed for markers with a diameter between 15 and 22mm. In other words, they’re perfect for Copic Sketch and Copic Classic, but a bit too loose for Copic Ciao and somewhat tight for Copic Wide.

Made to come with you wherever you go, the carrying case is made from heavy-duty canvas and features a convenient, removable shoulder strap and carry handle. Velcro straps on sides allow to completely unfold it when open, while heavy-duty buckles keep your markers safe during transit.

Available in various colors and at a price that won’t break the bank, this high-capacity marker case appeals to most artists.

BTSKY New 171 Slots Marker Case

BTSKY New 171 Slots Marker Case Lipstick Organizer-Canvas Markers Holder for Markers and Sketch...
  • Great Marker Storage Choice : Keep your markers organized and portable with this...
  • High Capacity: Holds 171 pieces markers, the handle of this case is very handy for...
  • Sturdy Case for Markers or Lipsticks: It's made of durable canvas and strong zipper,...

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  • Brand: BTSKY
  • Model: 171 Black
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 9 x 3.1 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Canvas

Established artists with an impressive collection of Copic markers might love the BTSKY carrying case. Very similar to the NIUTOP from a visual standpoint, it has a higher capacity and can hold up to 171 pens.

It comes in black – but it’s available in other colors too – and is made of heavy-duty canvas. Both a pocket handle on top and removable shoulder strap make it incredibly easy to carry.

Moving to the interior, it’s perfect for Copic markers and can hold a wide range of other brands too. The loops are slightly snugger than those of the carrying case above, meaning that it can fit well Copic Classic, Sketch, and Ciao. Just keep in mind that it’s way too snug for Copic Wide.

Foldable interior and removable middle divider bring versatility to the game. The Velcro straps on the sides add a further layer of protection when the case is closed, and overall, this product is sturdy and well-made. Just what you need to keep your pens organized.

Mastermarkers Universal Carrying Case

Universal Black 80 Slot Premium Heavy-Duty Nylon Marker Storage Case with Shoulder Strap - Works...
  • Markers Not Included - Master Markers Premium Heavy-Duty Nylon 80-Slot Marker Case...
  • 3 - Convenient removable marker sleeves with elastic loops that can be removed to...
  • Marker sleeves have a heavy duty hook & loop T shaped tab at bottom to connect to...

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  • Brand: Mastermarkers
  • Model: MST CASE-80
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 5.8 x 8 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Canvas

The Mastermarkers Universal could be the best Copic marker carrying case for starters who need a smaller or cheaper alternative. It has a capacity of 80 pens and, as its name suggests, it’s universal. In other words, you can use it with Copic markers as well as other brands of markers, pencils, and pens.

Made of heavy-duty canvas, it unfolds completely to provide easy access to the contents, and like the other cases above, it comes with removable middle dividers. A Velcro strap on the bottom of the dividers allows for quick placement or removal of slots.

The elastic loops are wide enough to fit most Copic markers, although you might struggle with the Wide model. That said, you’ll probably love it if you use other types of Copics, as well as other marker brands. A nice touch is the zippered exterior pocket that provides the perfect storage for small essentials. Whether it’s your keys or ink bottles, you can hold a wide variety of small objects.

As you’d expect from a carrying case, this model also comes with both handle and removable shoulder strap. You won’t get to choose from a wide variety of colors – it comes in only pink or black – but it’s durable and affordable. What else could you want?

L’ÉMOUCHET 80 Slots Marker Case

80 Slots Marker Pen Case, Large Capacity Folding, Extendable Foldable Hook, Marker Carrying Bag, Art...
  • HIGH CAPACITY - Marker Pen Case is made of durable oxford fabric with total 80...
  • RAPID DEPLOYABLE - Case can be unfold and extend to display all stationary...
  • WELL ORGANIZED - Each highlighter, marker, or brush pen has individual elastic...

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  • Brand: L’ÉMOUCHET
  • Model: Marker Carry Bag(Black)
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 11 x 1.4 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Oxford fabric

Similar to the Mastermarkers, L’ÉMOUCHET is another excellent choice for newbies, but it can also satisfy established artists who don’t want to take their extended sketch marker collections with them.

Design-wise, it looks very much alike the Mastermarkers. What makes it different is the choice of materials. This case is made from durable oxford fabric, resisting to wear and tear beautifully. It only comes in black, but we can’t call this a drawback.

The interior has the same innovative structure with removable middle tabs. You can easily trim off some weight by removing them if you don’t want to carry too many pens or increase the capacity to a maximum if needed.

The slots have a generous size to accommodate most types of pens, yet they are snug enough to hold tightly even the Copic Ciao. Naturally, you might struggle to fit a Copic Wide in them.

Carrying is made easy by the sturdy handle and detachable shoulder strap. A side pocket on the exterior adds further value, and overall, this is an 80-slot case we recommend if you don’t mind spending a buck but want a long-lasting product.

What Makes Copic Markers so Special?

There are dozens of art marker brands on the market, yet many artists prefer Copic. What makes these pens so special, though?

To begin with, these alcohol-based markers are designed specifically for sketch artists. You can choose from four collections, based on your skill level, and you might also want to know that all models can be easily refilled with ink.

Copic markers drawing lines on paper

Copic Ciao

Is the entry-level line, dedicated to new artists. It has 180 colors, while the round, slimmer shape of the pen makes it easier to hold even by the little hands.

Copic Classic

It is characterized by the easy-to-hold, square shape Copic is famous for. They come with both fine and broad nibs and are compatible with the brand’s airbrush system. Copic Classic comes in 214 colors.

Copic Sketch

The most sought-after type of Copic markers is the Sketch collection. They come in 358 colors and are oval-shaped. With a capacity of 1.8ml of ink, they stand between the Ciao and Classic types and can be refilled approximately 13 times.

Copic Wide

Coming in only black, the Copic Wide marker has an extra-broad nib and is typically used for drawing contours. It is usually too wide to fit in the slot of a marker carrying case.

How to Choose a Carrying Case for Your Copic Markers?

While most marker carrying cases are universal, it doesn’t mean they were all created equal. Here are a few things to consider before buying.


How many markers do you want to store in the case? If you’ve just started, an 80-slot case gives you plenty of space to grow into. Larger cases with a capacity over 100 slots could be a better choice for established artists with a wide collection of markers.

Removable tabs

Sometimes, you might want to only carry a few markers for quick projects. Other times, you might want to have more colors with you. Removable tabs give you the flexibility to trim off weight and bulk when you only need a few pens.

Exterior pocket

An exterior pocket is not a must, but it’s a nice addition. It can give you the perfect space for small valuables, such as your phone, keys, or wallet.

Loop size

As an artist, chances are you’re using various kinds of markers, and they rarely have the same dimension. That’s why most carrying cases come with elastic loops that can accommodate pens with various diameters.

Type of Copic markers you use

Last but not least, consider the type of Copic markers you use. Classic and Sketch Copics are usually compatible with most carrying cases, but the Ciao line could be too slim for cases with looser loops. On the other hand, the Wide model is even harder to fit into the standard slots. If you need a case specifically for Ciao or Wide models, we recommend checking the compatibility of the case before buying.

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