Best Drafting Tables

A drafting table is an important asset for every artist. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawing comic books, sketches, or projecting buildings.

Depending on the type of art you do, there are a plethora of tables to choose from.

Some have a glass tabletop that allows you to install a light underneath. Others have solid color panels and are more appropriate for painting or water coloring.

No matter what kind of table you need, there are a few things the best drafting tables have in common. They must all allow you to angle the top for comfortable drawing; they must be sturdy and durable.

With this in mind, check out our selection below to find the best drafting table for you.

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Studio Designs Triflex Sit-to-Stand Drawing Table

The Studio Designs Triflex Sit-to-Stand Drawing Table

  • Brand: Studio Designs
  • Model: 52578-2120
  • Dimensions: 31″ × 40¾” × 29″
  • Tilt: 68°

The Triflex Sit-to-Stand drawing table by Studio Designs brings unrivaled value for money to artists and office workers alike. Easy to set in three different positions, it can be used as a regular desk, sketching table, or stand desk, depending on your needs.

The tilt up to 68 degrees make it easy to position the top at the right angle. Furthermore, we particularly like that it comes in three variants, with either transparent glass, blue glass, or solid color tabletop.

Designed to withstand years of dependable use, this drawing table also boasts a solid structure. You can pick from a table alone or table with storage shelves – both variants coming disassembled but with all hardware required for seamless installation.

The size is also suitable for most adults, with a standard sitting height of 31 inches and 39 1/2-inches of standing height.

In its variants with a glass tabletop, the Triflex is also compatible with the Artograph LED LightPad. Sturdy, durable, and relatively easy to move around, this is undoubtedly one of the best drafting tables you can find.

ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Table

The ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Table
  • Brand: ZENY
  • Color: Natural
  • Weight: 59.8 lb
  • Dimensions: 55″ x 23.62″ x 35.8″
  • Tilt: 45°

If you’re looking for a drawing desk complete with storage space and accessories, the ZENY drafting table could be the right one for you. This desk impresses with an adjustable tabletop, an extendable board underneath that you could use to keep your supplies at hand, as well as two large drawers and a storage shelf.

We particularly like the design of the main board that comes with integrated storage. Besides various storage slots, it also has a large cup for pencils or brushes.

This drawing table is made from high-quality MDF and boasts a durable, powder-coated iron frame. Like the Comet, it comes complete with a stool and has an adjustable height between 28 and 35.8 inches – a feature that makes it ideal for all users.

Studio Designs Comet Drafting Table

The Studio Designs Comet Drafting Table
  • Brand: Studio Designs
  • Model: 13325
  • Weight: 52.8 lb
  • Dimensions: 50″ × 24″ × 29.5″
  • Tilt: 40°

From the same manufacturer, the Comet drafting table doesn’t offer the same versatility as the Triflex, but it still is an outstanding choice for most artists. Perhaps the main difference between the two is the lack of a standing option for the Comet.

Nevertheless, it still has a tilt-adjustable tabletop that allows you to use it either as a normal desk or as a drawing table.

The 40-degree tilt is somewhat smaller than the Triflex’s but still wide enough for most artists. Perhaps the main downside is the lack of a glass tabletop variant, which means you won’t be able to use a light pad with this model.

What we do like is the presence of a drawer chest on the right side of the table you can use to keep your art supplies organized. Furthermore, this table comes with a stool – a nice touch, especially if you’re buying this table as a gift for your beloved artist.

Made from durable, heavy-gauge steel, the table also comes with six floor levelers for added stability. Like its Triflex brother, it comes ready to assemble and is an excellent choice for both children and adults.

Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table

The Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table

  • Brand: Studio Designs
  • Model: 50002-2752
  • Color: Slate Grey
  • Weight: 59.8 lb
  • Dimensions: 24” x 36” x 34”
  • Tilt: 90°

This vintage drafting table by Studio Designs may not have many bells and whistles, but it’s an excellent choice for smaller spaces. Its greatest highlight is the multi-tilt tabletop you can set at five different angles, from flat to 90 degrees.

While it lacks shelves or drawers, it does come with a 24-inch pencil ledge that keeps not only your drawing instruments but also your sheets in place.

Ideal to place in all spaces, it also comes with four levelers for added stability. Furthermore, we like the exposed joinery and curved ironwork that enhance its vintage vibe.

This wooden table comes in multiple color choices, including rustic oak and slate grey. The former pairs perfectly with the traditional interiors, while the latter adds a touch of class in a contemporary environment.

Blick Studio Polaris Table by Studio Designs

The Blick Studio Polaris Table by Studio Designs

  • Brand: Studio Designs
  • Model: 52592-2020
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 32-3/4″ × 40-1/2″ × 23-1/2″
  • Tilt: 40°

Ideal for sketching and tracing, the Blick Studio Polaris is perfect for the artists who need a lightbox for the successful outcome of their art. Its tempered glass top resists heavy use and tilts up to 40 degrees.

This table doesn’t have height-adjustable legs, but its optimal height of almost 33 inches makes it perfect for most users. We like that you can level it easily, while the sturdy steel frame is durable and resistant.

Another thing it lacks is integrated storage. Sure, the simple design keeps the costs low – and this table comes indeed at an affordable price point – but a basket or full-size drawer would have added a lot of value. Nevertheless, the table still comes with a shallow metal pullout drawer and slide-up pencil ledge, so you can still keep some drawing supplies at hand.

Compact enough to fit a small room or studio, the Polaris is one of the best drafting tables for beginners and hobbyist artists.

Studio Designs Futura Tower

The Studio Designs Futura Tower
  • Brand: Studio Designs
  • Model: 10057
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 50 lb
  • Dimensions: 50″ x 22. 5″ x 57″
  • Tilt: 40°

Professional artists looking for a state-of-the-art drafting table may find everything they need in Futura – a tower style table from Studio Designs. Plenty of storage space, as well as a generous drafting area and a tilting top, are just some of its highlights.

Like most tables from Studio Designs, the Futura boasts a heavy-gauge steel frame that is powder coated for durability. The top is made from tempered glass and allows you to pair it with a light pad.

A hydraulic lifting mechanism allows you to adjust the angle of the table to six different positions. Furthermore, we like the storage spaces on both sides of the top as well as the shelf placed above the workspace.

A combo, magnetic and cork board under the shelf allows you to organize your sketches, pin up a model to follow, or stick notes for your coworkers, should you use the table in an office.

We also like that the art trays on both sides are removable and replaceable. Overall, the table is sturdy and affordable. No doubt, one of the best drafting tables for professionals.

Smith System Planner Graphic Arts Table

The Smith System Planner Graphic Arts Table

  • Brand: Smith System
  • Color: Grey/black
  • Weight: 84 lb
  • Dimensions: 36” x 38” x 24”
  • Tilt: 45°

Last entry on our list of best drafting tables, this graphic arts table by Smith System appeals to all artists in look for simplicity. When not tilted, it looks like a regular table. There is nothing fancy about it at first glance, but all it takes is a closer look to observe its features.

One of its greatest highlights is its height adjustability. The legs are easy to level and allow you to set it up for adults and juniors alike.

The top is also divided into two pieces – one you can tilt at different angles up to 45 degrees and a fixed side that acts as a shelf. While the table doesn’t have any other shelves or drawers, this melamine piece gives you plenty of storage space.

Ideal for small studios or artists working from home, this table also impresses with a sleek design. It has no bells and whistles, but it’s functional. No doubt, a great choice for a lower budget.

Studio Designs Graphix II Workstation

The Studio Designs Graphix II Workstation
  • Brand: Studio Designs
  • Model: 10210
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 58 lb
  • Dimensions: 53. 75″ x 31. 25″ x 38. 75″
  • Tilt: 30°

Studio Designs makes another entry on our list of best drafting tables with the Graphix II, a workstation designed with professional artists in mind. From sketch artists to painters, this drafting table can suit all needs.

Among its main features, we can mention the height-adjustable design – a feature that makes it perfect for children and adults alike. The tabletop is also adjustable to various inclines, up to 30-degree.

While this model lacks drawers, it does come with a side shelf where you can keep your tools and supplies. Furthermore, the manufacturer also proposes this workstation in a variant with drawers under the side shelf.

Resistance-wise, the drawing table is solid and durable. You can level each leg independently for added stability on uneven floors, while the white color matches all interiors.

This drafting table has a dual lift mechanism and solid color top; it isn’t suitable to use with pad lights, but it’s an excellent choice if you want a professional product without breaking the bank.

Tips for Choosing the Best Drafting Table

The market offers a bountiful range of drafting tables, and choosing the best isn’t always easy. From the material the top is made from to the durability of the item, there are lots of things to consider. Here are some of the most important features to check before dropping your hard-earned money.


The tabletop is the most important element of a drafting table, and there are two important things to check before buying – the material the top is made from and its size.

Drafting tables come with either wooden (melamine or MDF) or glass tabletops. The former is ideal if you don’t care about having light under your drawing. Wooden materials are undeniably more solid and durable than glass, and often also cheaper.

A glass top, however, allows you to turn the drafting table into a lightbox by just adding a light source underneath.

In terms of size, there are plenty of options to choose from based on your space. Before making your final pick, don’t forget to consider the size of the paper you want to work with.

For instance, architects working with large sheets may need a bigger drafting table. If you’re only drawing sketches or comic book characters, a smaller table won’t take too much floor space and is also cheaper.

Workstation Space

We already mentioned the type and size of the tabletop, but your evaluation shouldn’t stop there. Once you’ve settled on the material and size, consider the rest of the workstation. A few important things to check include ergonomics as well as storage space.

Some of the best drafting tables come with adjustable height and multiple angle settings for the actual top. These features allow you to ensure comfortable use, either in a sitting or standing position.

Besides adjustable height, you should also check if it is possible to level the legs individually. This feature is important if the floor or terrain is uneven, helping you balance the table and improving your overall user experience.

The table should also give you efficient storage and the ability to attach accessories, such as lights or magnifiers, without compromising the workspace. Besides drawers and storage shelves, you should look for tables that also have integrated cups and storage trays that allow you to keep all your supplies within easy reach while drawing.


Drafting tables come in a wide range of styles, from vintage to modern. Which is the best drafting table design is ultimately down to you, but before buying, don’t forget to consider the interior design and make sure the one you want fits seamlessly in your home or office.


If you’re shopping on a budget, investing in a drafting table that comes complete with accessories could save you some bucks.

Indeed, some of the manufacturers sell their tables together with chairs or stools; others add clamp-on lamps or magnifiers.

Frame Material and Portability

While the top material is important from a functional point of view, the material the frame is made with is important from a practical standpoint. This feature will not only determine the durability and resistance of the drawing table, but it could also impact its portability.

At the lower end of the spectrum, we have aluminum drafting tables. These models are lightweight and easy to transport, but the material is relatively easy to bend. While they usually serve you well for the money, don’t expect them to last for a lifetime.

Heavy-gauge steel or powder-coated iron frames are two options often found on the best drafting tables. Both materials are durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. They will last for a lifetime, but these tables are often more expensive. Furthermore, these materials are heavy and not practical to move around.

If you need a portable drafting table, our advice is to pick a foldable model with an aluminum frame and plastic or light MDF top. If portability isn’t important to you, pick a table with a heavy-duty frame.

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