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From planning daily activities to creating elaborate to-do lists, travel itineraries or life projects, the Hobonichi planner is an indispensable lifestyle item. Since its release back in 2001, it has earned a cult and become a true icon for people around the world.

The Hobonichi planner is proof that less is always more, but you can’t just use any pen to write on its pages. Planning your daily or weekly activities in a Hobonichi planner is art rather than mere writing, that’s why you need the best pens for Hobonichi if you want to buy this planner.

For the best results, Hobonichi enthusiasts recommend using fineliner or calligraphy pens with fast-drying ink or gel. If you don’t know which to pick, check out our selection below to find the best black or colored pens for Hobonichi.

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Taotree Fineliner Color Pens Set

24 Fineliner Color Pens Set, Taotree Fine Line Colored Sketch Writing Drawing Pens for Journal...
  • 24 VIBRANT COLORS: No Duplicates, 0.38 mm Fine Point Colored Pens, Assorted Color...
  • SMOOTH WRITING: Colorful Fine tip marker pen set with superfine, metal-clad fine...
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If various shades of black and different kinds of line thicknesses are not enough, then you might like this set of color pens from Taotree. Ideal for creating beautiful planner pages, these quality pens impress with their super-fine tips that delivers outstanding performance.

The ink is not waterproof but has minimal bleeding. We also like the assortment of these intense 24 colors that will surely add a blast of fun to your writing.

Besides bullet journaling, these color pens are also perfect for calligraphy, comics, technical drawing, as well as drawing lines for animation. Perfect to use at home, at school, or at the office; they are also an excellent choice for users of all ages.

iBayam 24 Fineliner Color Pens Set

iBayam Fineliner Pens, 24 Bright Colors Fine Point Pens Colored Pens for Journaling Note Taking...
  • 24 UNIQUE VIBRANT COLORS Fine point colored pens, No Duplicates, 0.38 mm fine tip...
  • SMOOTH WRITING Fine line markers pens with Metal fine tipped and outstanding super...
  • PREMIUM PENS --- The fineliner fine point pens is water-based ink, minimal bleed...

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Perhaps the best pens for Hobonichi for students or workers on a budget, the iBayam fineliner color pens boast 24 vibrant colors and impress with their 0.38mm fine tip that suits all needs, from writing to bullet journaling, sketching, or drawing.

The smooth tip and water-based ink deliver perfect lines, no matter what you use them for. Blending colors is also possible, a feature that also makes them perfect for coloring.

Ideal for yourself or as a gift, these pens come in a nice plastic storage case with snap closure and boast a fashion cap design for easier identification of the color. No doubt, an excellent choice for home, school, or office.

Mincho Set of 10 Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens

Set of 10 Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens, Anti-Bleed & Waterproof Archival ink,Brush &...
  • 【VARIETY】No Matter how you want to Draw,we have the right tip:0.2mm (005),...
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY】Pens are non-toxic, water-based and acid-free with Mincho archival...
  • 【10 BLACK MASTER FINELINER MICRO-PENS】This Epiphany XB-Chrome set include 10...

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Whether it’s calligraphy, bullet planning, or drawing sketches, we all need a set of reliable black ink pens. And that’s where the Mincho set steps in. Comprising ten fineliner ink pens with unique tip sizes, they are ideal for writing, scrapbooking, or creating illustrations.

As you’d expect from high-quality ink pens, they are non-toxic and waterproof. Thanks to the high-quality ink, they also don’t smear and have minimal bleed-thru.

We particularly like that the set includes a convenient brush, which is perfect for drawing or creating exciting illustrations. Undoubtedly, a set of fineliner pens that’s worth every dime.

Aen Art 36 Colors Journal Planner Pens

36 Colors Journal Planner Pens, Colored Fine Point Markers Drawing Pens Porous Fineliner Pen for...
  • You Get More Colors: A wide variety of 36 eye-catching coloring pens at your hand....
  • Your Colored Felt Tip Pens: In order to provide you comfortable writing and drawing...
  • Also Great for den journal, coloring books, bullet journaling, diary, Scrapbook DIY,...

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The perfect color pens for journal planners, the Aen Art come in a set of 36 vibrant colors you can use to unleash your creativity and create the Hobonichi planner of your dreams. Like other fineliners, they impress with super-fine, 0.38mm tips.

Smooth, porous points not only help you personalize your planner sheets; they also make the inks easy to blend should you want to, while also minimizing bleed-thru.

We also like the super-slim shape that makes them easy to hold by both kids and adults. Furthermore, colored caps make it easy to identify the pen’s color. Designed to provide you with a 5-star writing and drawing experience, these color pens are ideal for journals and planners, coloring books as well as art projects.

Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set

The Pigma 30067 Micron by Sakura is a great set of pens for Hobonichi. It comes with black ink pens only, but the variety of tip sizes and kinds of lines you can draw with them is amazing.

This set comprises six Pigma Micron ink pens, a brush, and a graphic pen suitable for anything from creating aesthetically pleasing to-do lists to drawing and calligraphic writing. As you’d expect from high-quality pens, the ink is bleed-free, fade-proof, waterproof, and quick-drying.

Meeting all ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standards, these pens are also slim and ergonomic to hold. Perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike, they are just what you need to create the Hobonichi planner of your dreams.

What Makes Hobonichi Planners Special?

At first glance, the Hobonichi planners look rather dull. Yet, people seem to love them nonetheless. What makes them special is exactly their simplicity. These planners have a minimal yet functional design that promotes productivity.

They come in various types and sizes; however, only the A6 version is available in both English and Japanese.

This planner measures approximately 4 x 6 inches, just perfect to fit comfortably in a purse or backpack. At the same time, it gives you plenty of space to plan and record your day, create to-do lists, shopping lists, or even travel plans. Below, a few of the planner’s highlights.


Design-wise, the Hobonichi planner catches the eye with a leather-like cover and pages printed on high-quality Tomoe River paper. This ultra-thin paper contributes to the sleek allure of the notebook.

Indeed, the planner is incredibly thin and lightweight, considering that it contains over 400 pages. Furthermore, the rounded edges minimize creasing while carrying or using it.


Undeniably, the Hobonichi planner was conceived to make your business or personal planning a breeze. Various types of calendars make it easy to mark important events or schedule meetings, as much as one year ahead.

Calendars apart, each individual page is marked with the date and week of the year, as well as the moon phase and current date.

A timeline makes it easy to plan daily activities, from important work events to yoga classes, while a meal planner comes in handy, whether you want to eat out or cook at home.

Useful Information

Like all planners, Hobonichi includes a few last pages dedicated to international size charts and conversion units. What makes it stand out – at least for the English speaking users – is the amount of interesting information regarding the Japanese culture and events in the country, as well as ideas and inspiration for letter art.

How to Choose Your Pens for Hobonichi

Creating a visually appealing planner is part of the Hobonichi experience; that’s why you should have the following features in mind when choosing your pens.

Pen tip

The first thing to check when choosing pens for Hobonichi is the tip. Fineliner tips are your best bet, as they allow you to create accurate designs. These pens are also an excellent choice for calligraphy as well as sketching.


The ink is as important as the pen tip, mainly due to the thin paper that wouldn’t withstand bleeding. For this reason, you should choose pens with water-based, fast-drying ink with minimal bleed-thru. If possible, you should choose pens with pigment ink, which has more vibrant colors and dries faster.


Last but not least, you should decide if you want a monochromatic planner or a colorful one. If you decide to go for an all-black agenda, picking a set of pens with various tip sizes could add a bit of versatility to your writing style. Such a set is also recommended if you like calligraphy.

For a colorful planner, a 24-color set is usually the minimum you need, although the market truly spoils you with choices. No matter your option, picking a pen set that comes in a dedicated case brings further value, as it will be easier to transport and store the pens. Furthermore, a stylishly packed set of pens and a Hobonichi planner are also a great gift idea for your beloved ones or a friend.

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