The Best Spray Paint for Artists

If you are a fan of creating art with spray paint, the can that you choose can make or break your piece.

For wood and paper, your options are fairly flexible but if you are spraying metal or other shiny surfaces you have to make sure it will stick with the finish you want.

For graffiti, obviously outdoor paints are a must – luckily all of the ones we’ve selected below will fulfill this purpose (though graffiti is illegal in most places so we don’t necessarily condone it!).

When looking for the best spray paint, like most things you should choose one suited to your objective, budget and personal preference. Let’s have a look at the options.

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Best Spray Paints Reviewed

Montana Black

Montana is considered one of the world’s finest spray paints and if you have the budget, this should be your primary choice for graffiti or art. The “Black” line has a Nitro-Combi lacquer base, with a high-pressure valve and matte finish. This is high-quality paint and will make your art stand out from a mile away!


  • Nitro combi lacquer base
  • Quick dry
  • High pressure
  • Weatherproof

There are a total of 136 colors in the Montana Black range and they are high pressure, rapid dry and weatherproof meaning they are perfect for graffiti or outside art.

Painting with Montana is easy and rewarding, it works well on wood, concrete, metal, plastic and glass. One of the best spray paints you can buy.

MTN 94

A close second to the Montana Black but at a more affordable price point. The MTN 94 spray paints are low pressure with a matte finish and super quick dry time perfect for spraying outside. The colors are extremely vibrant due to being produced from modified synthetic resin.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Low pressure, easy to handle
  • Affordable

Just take care with the edges, as MTN has a slight tendency to overspray – again use a well-ventilated area. If you’re doing projects on a large volume or scale though, MTN will give you what you need. An excellent choice for graffiti too.

Molotow Belton

Molotow’s Belton brand is a lesser priced version of the Molotov Premium without sacrificing much of the quality. The paint is clear, completely opaque and has that ‘real’ effect you want. At the same time you have a paint that covers and dries fast as you can spray and move on.


  • Consistent
  • Vibrant
  • Widest range of colors (premium)
  • Fast drying

If color is your thing, think of investing in the Premium – with 251 colors it is the widest of any brand, with that added quality finish. Aside from the Premium range, the Action line is the best spray paint for graffiti art with the coverage and high pressure allowing you to work efficiently within a short time frame.



This pick is ideal for those spraying on more flexible surfaces. Plutonium resists cracking, chipping and peeling and gives a clear finish that lasts. Whether you’re spraying inside or out, on wood, metal, glass or even fabric, this one won’t let you down.


  • Comfortable on price
  • Highly resistant
  • Free from drips

Originally developed for cars, it even lets you spray on wet surfaces including other undried layers. You have the added benefit of a dual valve system that lets you spray upside down – infallible for more exotic or commercial uses. Plutonium resists UV damage and will be there to last, so you can safely use it both indoors and out.


The unique 360-degree spray tip gives you more flexibility and better accuracy. Drying is fairly quick, although watch out as Krylon can drip more than other sprays.


  • 360 degree dial spray tip
  • Works on any surface
  • Best line for craft projects

Krylon would be our premier choice for working with different materials, the reason being it’s compatible with wood, metal, wicker, glass, canvas and fabric. The slightly more “out there” artists will also enjoy the exotic range as well, including glitter, mirrored finish and various textures as well. Krylon certainly have the creative artist in mind, and a browse of their website gives lots of ideas for seasonal and thematic uses.



Another good choice for a range of purposes whether indoors or outside for graffiti. Its versatility makes it ideal for re-spraying cars and use in the home but it can also be used to create some awesome art. The consistency on this one is excellent, with none of that ‘end of can frustration’ trying to squeeze the last bits out.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Even spray
  • ‘Real’ effect

The paint looks real and covers quickly and thoroughly while drying with ease and the nozzle also lets you spray at any angle. If you want quality, go for the metallics line – although it requires a bit of an investment, the finish is well worth it. A top choice.

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