Lifelike 3D Drawings: Artists that Bring Their Work to Life

Art is an interesting subject, with its core concepts manifesting intangible things that can be visually conceptualised. It is a representation of something, usually an emotion, object, event or a thought pattern. It’s normally with a touch of beauty. This gives it one of its most powerful elements – timelessness. As long as it can be seen, it’s still relevant and won’t lose its grandeur or its ability to elicit wonder.

A list of top lifelike 3D drawing artists is a daunting task, and we have to admit, bottom line – it’s an opinion, whether collective or individually. And opinions vary. As such, this list seeks to engage as much metric as possible and giving credit where it’s due.

1). Julia Baroniva

A list of drawing artists would be incomplete without the mention of this 21st-century artist. She’s one of the few capable of using a pencil and a piece of paper to come up with an incredibly amazing 3D drawing. Even for such a flat piece of paper with just two dimensions, gets a third from the master’s hand. Few artists are yet to achieve such sublimity and mastery of 3D concepts in art.

2). Linda Huber

It is virtually impossible to talk about pencil drawings and not mention Linda Huber; she is the queen of graphite drawings. Were you to see most of her work without a description; you would be likely to confuse them for black and white photographs. The expert touch on them is every bit real. There is an uncanny realism in her work. A sample piece is this drawing of a broken light bulb.

3). Muhammad Ejleh

He has a special kind of prowess that allows him to make drawings that look like a ‘statue’ – a real representation of an existing object.  The drawings are put in such a way that they hypnotise viewers into believing that they’re looking at an object with 3 dimensions – an exceptionally difficult concept to grasp in art.

4). Daan Noppen

Pencil drawing is a form of art that has its roots far back in history, and though becoming increasingly rare in the modern day, it still manifests. In this age of computer-aided graphical creations and digital photography, it has become somewhat rare.

Daan Noppen is especially talented in this regard and uses the different shades of a pencil to come up with great art pieces. He is able to explore depth, and capture even minute features in a drawing to a point that you give a name to the individuals face thereby represented.

5). Shvartsur Olga (Olechka)

Olga is no doubt a talented artist, capable of using the pencil to create a marvellous piece. She makes use of lines and various shades to produce a depth effect in a drawing.

6). T. S. Abe

An artist who makes use of the pencil, to mimic real life characters – while capturing a motive crafted therein. Abe mostly does portraits though she has tried her hand at drawing jewellery, architecture, and other random objects. Her most famously works are her portraits both of herself and other people.


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