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Are you a talented actor and want to start making money from your skills? Or an existing actor looking for better marketing opportunities for your work?

There are a few different pathways for actors to get discovered but most of them involve a huge amount of work and networking. Signing up with an agency is the route that most actors will go with but it is not always the most successful way to land roles.

When you work in the acting industry, you sometimes come to realize that certain agencies might have their favorites, who seem to get more of the breaks. Or the types of jobs that they tend to be involved in are ones that do not suit you. So it is always a good idea to have other ways of promoting yourself and your work.

Using social media is a great way to do some promotional work but having thousands of followers is not necessarily going to win you an acting role. So you need to be looking at a way of sharing your acting skills with the right audience – the TV show producers and the acting talent spotters.

The power of online portfolios

Creating an online portfolio to showcase your work will help you to win those roles that you want. You could get your own website set up but this rarely comes cheap, not for a high-quality website anyway. It can also be very distracting, trying to get all of your content uploaded and displayed in an attractive format. This is why more people choose websites like The Talent Bank to provide the platform for them to display their acting portfolio.

As well as taking away the hassle of setting up a website, The Talent Bank already has regular clients that go to the website when they are looking for their next star. From actors in local plays, to regular TV roles, The Talent Bank is the first port of call for many of our clients in the acting recruitment industry.

If your agency is not getting you the work that you want, then it may be time for a change of approach. Creating your online portfolio with The Talent Bank could be your first step towards fame and fortune. Or you could simply find more regular work or specific types of jobs that will help to build up your portfolio. The Talent Bank’s success stories range across all of these kinds of outcomes.

How it works

The Talent Bank is completely free to use and it has been helping actors to get discovered for some time. There is absolutely nothing to lose when it comes to adding your portfolio of work, as you do not have to commit to anything. Simply wait for the right people to approach you about roles that they are looking to recruit for. You can quickly have your acting portfolio uploaded and ready to be seen by top people in the industry, simply visit the website to register and start uploading your work.

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