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Submit Your TV & Film Scripts to The Talent Bank

Are you a talented writer with a flair for writing TV or film scripts but not sure how to take your talent to the next level?

Getting into script writing can be a challenge, if you do not have contacts in the industry then getting your foot in the door is really hard. It is that old adage – employers want experience but how do people get experience in the first place if they do not get given a chance to gain experience?

You might have some luck through entering competitions that are looking for scriptwriters or there may be some opportunities for voluntary positions of writing scripts for amateur dramatics, for example. You can build up experience of scriptwriting whilst you are in school or college by getting involved with the plays/productions that the drama students perform but that is not always going to give you enough experience to get straight into working in TV or film scriptwriting.

Are there any other ways to get into script writing?

One avenue to try out is to submit your work onto a talent pool platform such as The Talent Bank. This allows you to showcase your script writing without the usual process of sending emails to every TV show you can find the email address for.

The Talent Bank is full of creative geniuses who are looking to take their next step towards making money for their work. If all you have ever dreamed about is writing the Eastenders or Love Island scripts then don’t give up on your dream until you have explored your options.

Benefits of using The Talent Bank

The great thing about The Talent Bank is that it is totally free to get registered and to upload your work. The next great thing about it is that there are already plenty of people on the lookout for new talent using the website that could do with your services. So all you need to do is upload some of your best work onto the website, which is really straightforward to do. People who are looking for TV scriptwriters will review your work and if they like what they see, you can start working together.

The other benefit of using The Talent Bank is that you will be joining an online community of creative people that you can discuss ideas with and talk to other scriptwriters to ask for advice or get inspiration from other writers’ successes.

There really is nothing to lose when it comes to using The Talent Bank as an opportunity to let people know all about your talents. If you have not got many examples of your work then you can start working on new script samples to give people an idea of your writing style and creativity, then upload that work too.

If you don’t try, you will never know whether you could have made it as a scriptwriter so don’t waste any more time, get registered with The Talent Bank today.

Richard Hammond

I am the founder of 9Mousai and am deeply interested in creativity and what inspires it. My main passions are writing, film and music but I have huge respect for the arts. I'm also an animal lover and have a little cat called Winston and enjoy the occasional whiskey.

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