About 9Mousai

In Greek mythology, the 9 Muses or 9 Mousai were the Gods of creativity /  the arts so 9Mousai is basically a hub for anything creative. We publish all kinds of content that can help creative people.

The original Muses and what they represented were as follows:

  • Calliope – Epic poetry
  • Clio – History
  • Euterpe – Music, Song, and Lyric Poetry
  • Erato – Love poetry
  • Melpomene – Tragedy
  • Polyhymnia – Hymns
  • Terpsichore – Dance
  • Thalia – Comedy
  • Urania – Astronomy

We have 9 main categories on 9Mousai though we have changed  and rejigged them slightly to be more in line with modern-day creative arts! Here they are:

  1. Art
  2. Poetry
  3. Music
  4. Photography
  5. Film & TV
  6. Comedy
  7. Writing
  8. Design
  9. Crafts

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9Mousai is run by @big_hambo

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The Talent Bank

We also run The Talent Bank which is an online platform for creative people to share their work.

It is completely free to use. You can sign up here: https://thetalentbank.io/register

Note: The Talent Bank was formally located at https://thetbank.com but we split that to form 9Mousai.com and TheTalentBank.io

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