100+ Ideas for What You Can Make with a Cricut Machine

If you haven’t got your hands on a Cricut yet, you need to. Best described as a cutting machine, Cricut machines can cut several different materials, including vinyl, paper, and all kinds of cardstock. Some models can even cut leather, thin wood, and fabric, too!

With this handy little machine, you can create a wide range of products for your craft projects, for friends and family, or even for your business. In this article, we explore exactly what you can make with a Cricut to help get you started.

If you’re new to the Cricut, you can find out more about the machine here:


Paper and Card

1. Greetings cards

The first thing you can make with a Cricut is greetings cards. The machine can easily cut through paper or card, allowing you to cut out lettering, holiday illustrations, or paper characters to create a masterpiece. This article includes a step-by-step guide to cutting paper with the Cricut:

A homemade greetings card

2. 3D paper flowers

You can use your Cricut to create 3D paper flowers to stick on the front of your cards or use as decor around the home. Either standard craft paper or crepe paper is perfect for this project.

3. Giant paper flowers

You can also use the machine to create giant paper flowers that can be used as wedding photo backdrops or DIY party decor.

4. Paper cupcake toppers

Paper cupcake toppers are another great thing to make with the Cricut. All you need is a piece of paper or card in your desired color and some cocktail sticks.

5. Party banners

You can use the Cricut to cut out paper letters and make a DIY party banner. For this, you’ll need plenty of paper or card and something sticky to hang your banner with.

6. Party hats

Got a birthday coming up? If so, you can use the Circuit to create cardboard party hats for your friends and family. Don’t forget to pick up some elastic to secure them with.

7. Paper crowns

If party hats aren’t your thing, you may prefer a paper crown. These are perfect for both birthday parties and Christmas celebrations.


You can use the Cricut to create handmade bookmarks. Depending on your preference, you can either die-cut shapes from a single sheet of card or layer multiple shapes on top of each other.

9. Favor boxes

Favor boxes are ideal for weddings, birthday parties, or even holiday gifts. With the Cricut, you can make a range of different boxes without breaking the bank.

10. Paper straws

With people across the globe trying to go plastic-free, paper straws have never been more popular. The great news is you can make them with the Cricut! All you need is some suitable card and any decor you want to embellish them with.

Paper straws in a milkshake

11. Gift tags

Gift tags are another thing you can create with the Cricut. You can create tags for any celebration, including birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s day. A handcrafted gift tag is a gift in itself!

12. Paper fans

If you live in a warm climate or you’re planning a vacation, use your Cricut to make a paper fan of two before you jet off.

13. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great way to decorate a space for a party. Just remember to use an LED candle inside rather than a real one!

Paper lanterns with lights inside

14. Paper bows

Paper bows can be used to decorate cards, wedding invitations, or even gift tags. Just choose a style of card that suits your needs.

15. Paper garlands

Paper garlands are ideal for party decor or summer BBQs. You can use the Cricut to cut any shape you like!

16. Paper flower crown

The Cricut can also be used to create intricate flower crowns for photoshoots, weddings, or just everyday wear! Be sure to use a thicker card if you want your crown to be durable.

17. Wall art

Want to spruce up your child’s bedroom? Use the Cricut to create a piece of wall art. You can include a name, special date, or even your child’s favorite character.

18. Shadow boxes

If you want to make your wall art that bit more special, use a shadow box to frame it. This way, it will remain in great condition for years to come – even in a child’s bedroom!

19. Planner stickers

With everybody bullet journaling, planner stickers are more popular than ever. You can either create these for yourself or sell them online!

20. Small business stickers

With a Cricut, you can create custom stickers for your small business, or stickers to sell online to other makers. You can include your branding or a short thank you message.

21. Labels

You can also use the Cricut to create labels for around the house. Use them to label boxes, folders, or even cupboards in the kitchen or toy room.

22. Card puzzle

You can use the Cricut to create a custom puzzle. Choose your favorite photo or piece of artwork and use the Cricut to divide it into puzzle-shaped pieces.

23. Gift box

Make your holiday gifts extra personal with a handmade gift box. You can also create gift boxes for birthday, Valentine, or anniversary gifts.

24. Nail art

Jazz up your nails with some custom nail decals. You can either keep these for yourself or sell them online!

25. Paper snowflakes

When Christmas rolls around, use the Cricut to make paper snowflakes to decorate your home.

Paper snowflakes made with a Cricut

26. Gift tag stickers

Bored of traditional gift tags? Use your Cricut to create gift tag stickers. Leave a space for a ‘to’ and ‘from’ section and use it on any gift wrap you like.

27. Cupcake wrappers

Spruce up the birthday table with custom cupcake wrappers. These can either be slipped over the top of a standard case or used as the cupcake case itself!

28. Paper Christmas wreath

If you’re looking for an indoor wreath for the holidays, create something a little different using your Cricut machine.

Adhesive Vinyl

29.  Mugs

With adhesive vinyl, you can create custom mugs for yourself, your friends and family, or your online shop. With printable vinyl, you can even print your favorite photo and attach it. Follow this step-by-step guide when creating your mug:

30. Tumblers

Similar to mugs, you can create custom tumblers with the Cricut. Buy any plain tumbler and use your Cricut to create a name or message to stick on.

31. Water bottle

Tired of your little ones losing their bottles at school? Use your Cricut to create a personalized bottle so they never lose it again.

32. Hand-lettered sign

It’s also possible to create a hand-lettered sign with the Cricut. You can then use this as decor in your home or office space.

33. Mason jars

Create custom mason jars to store cereals, pasta, or random bits and bobs! You can either label them or create custom decor to stick on.

34. Calendar

Use your Cricut to create a desk calendar or even an advent calendar to count down to Christmas. For this, you’ll need vinyl and some heavy-duty cardstock.

35. Growth chart

Want to track your little ones as they grow up? Use your Cricut to create a growth chart. This is also a great gift idea for a friend or family member with kids.

36. Baby name announcement

Use the Cricut to create a custom baby name announcement sign. You can photograph this to post on social media or in a scrapbook.

37. Phone case

You can use Cricut vinyl to spruce up any phone case. Whether you want to include a monogram or your favorite quote, you can achieve it with the Cricut.

38. Makeup brush holder

Use vinyl and a small jar or mug to create a custom makeup brush holder. Depending on your preference, you can create a name, a label, or just some decorative shapes to stick on.

39. Custom planter

A custom planter is a lovely gift, and you can create one with the Cricut. Use vinyl to make a cute face, a monogram, or a short quote.

40. Monogram notebook

Use the Cricut to embellish any plain notebook. Adding a vinyl monogram is a great way to personalize your notebook for university, work, or just day to day life.

41. Gender reveal balloons

Got a gender reveal party coming up? Use vinyl to create a custom gender reveal balloon. You can even use the Cricut to make pink or blue paper confetti for inside.

42. Birthday balloons

Of course, you can also use the Cricut to create personalized birthday balloons with names, ages, or special messages.

Many balloons in the sky

43. Children’s plates

If your little one is a fussy eater, serving food on a personalized plate can make all the difference. You can add their name, favorite TV character, or anything else they love.

44. Santa plate

You can also use the Cricut to create a special Santa plate to put out on Christmas Eve. Create a space for milk, cookies, and a carrot for the reindeer!

45. Clipboards

Add design to your favorite clipboard with the Cricut. You could add your name, a monogram, or a short quote.

46. Cricut decal

Once you’ve added vinyl to everything else in the house, don’t forget your Cricut! You can use the machine to create decal to stick on the front, sides, and top!

47. Macbook decal

Similar to Cricut decal, you can use the machine to create custom stickers for your Macbook or laptop.

48. Kitchen labels

Use colored vinyl to create hand-lettered labels for your kitchen. Stick them on containers, cupboards, and Tupperware to add style to the room.

49. Lunchboxes

You can use the Cricut to create custom stickers for yourself and your children’s lunch boxes. Just remember to invest in waterproof vinyl so that the lunchboxes can be washed without peeling.

50. Custom money box

Pick up a plain money box and decorate it with Cricut vinyl. If you’re saving for something in particular, make a decorative label to keep your motivation high!

51. Jewelry dish

Add a monogram or quote to your jewelry dish using Cricut vinyl. This is also a great idea for a gift.

52. Coffee machine decal

Spruce up your coffee machine with some custom decals. These can be crafted from colored or printable vinyl – it all depends on what kind of look you’re going for!

53. Doormats

The Cricut can also be used to create personalized doormats. These are ideal to give as gifts to newly married couples!

54. Window decals

Create beautiful window decals for the holiday season and Halloween using your Cricut. These can even be sold online.

55. Christmas baubles

Use your Cricut to create custom baubles during the holiday season. You can either add a monogram, a first name, or a family name to the decorations.

56. Pet bowl

Pick up a plain pet bowl and use your Cricut to add your pet’s name. This is perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits, or any other pet that needs a food bowl!

57. Custom cake stand

Decorate a plain cake stand using Cricut vinyl. This is ideal for birthdays, holiday parties, and weddings.

58. Wooden hangers

Use adhesive vinyl to decorate wooden hangers. These are particularly popular for weddings. Each member of the wedding party has a custom hanger to hang their attire on before getting changed for the big day.

Iron-on Vinyl

59. T-shirt

One of the most popular things to do with iron-on vinyl is to create t-shirts. You can create animal t-shirts for your kids, funny t-shirts for yourself, or matching monogram t-shirts for your family!

A teddy in a t shirt

60. Onesies

Iron-on vinyl can also be used to create onesies. As well as being great gifts for new babies, these are perfect for pregnancy announcements.

61. Tote bags

Tote bags are ideal to give as gifts. Why not create a personalized tote bag for your kid’s teacher and gift it at the end of the year? This video shows you exactly how to create a vinyl tote bag with the Cricut:

62. Gym bag

Your little ones will love a custom gym bag to take to school. Decorate it with their name, monogram, or their favorite TV character.

63. Custom socks

Socks are a useful but boring gift, so make things a bit more exciting with custom socks! Decorate them with a monogram or funny quote.

64. Kitchen towels

Another thing you can do with the Cricut is create custom kitchen towels. Use iron-on vinyl to add a family name, monogram, or quote.

65. Makeup bag

Use your Cricut to create a custom make up bag. Decorate with your favorite quote or name for a personalized feel.

66. Aprons

Show the head of the kitchen that you appreciate them with a custom apron. All you’ll need is a plain apron and some iron-on vinyl in your desired color.

67. Hats

Use the Cricut to decorate your favorite beanie or cap. This is also a great idea for kid’s hats to encourage them to wear them.

68. Beer cozies

Use iron-on vinyl to create a custom beer cozy. These can be gifted to the beer-lovers in your life or sold online!

69. Cushions

The Cricut can be used to create custom cushions for your living space or bedroom. All you need is a blank cushion cover and some iron-on vinyl! If you want to add multiple colors, make sure you’ve got all the vinyl you need.

70. Pillowcases

Use iron-on vinyl to add a small monogram to the corner of your pillowcases. This can add a touch of luxury to a plain white bedding set.

71. Blankets

Another great thing to make with a Cricut is custom blankets. These can be used around the house, given as gifts, or created for outdoor weddings to keep guests warm in the evening.

72. Garden sign

Does someone in your family have green fingers? If so, surprise them with a custom garden sign. All you’ll need is some vinyl and a piece of wood.

73. Canvas shoes

Add style to plain canvas shoes with your Cricut. Add a pattern, a monogram, or even a name to your footwear.


74. Wooden cake topper

If you want to create a reusable cake topper, wood is the way to go. Wooden cake toppers are perfect for birthdays, children’s parties, or weddings. You can learn more about cutting wood with the Cricut here:

75. Earrings

Use the Cricut to create a beautiful pair of wooden earrings. You can either keep them for yourself or sell them at a craft fair!

76. Wooden ornaments

The Cricut can be used to create wooden ornaments. These are perfect for the holiday season or to mark a special birthday or celebration.

A wooden bunny ornament

77. Coasters

Use the Cricut to create custom coasters for yourself and your loved ones. You can either add your favorite quote, pattern, or a name or monogram.

78. Keyring

The machine can also be used to create wooden keyrings. These are perfect to give as gifts or to sell online.

79. Wooden name sign

If you want to give a truly special gift, use your Cricut to create a wooden name sign. This can be displayed on a mantlepiece or porch.

80. Family tree ornament

You can also use the Cricut to create a custom family tree ornament. This makes a lovely gift to someone in your family during the holiday season.

81. Wooden quote

If a wooden name sign isn’t your thing, why not create a wooden quote instead. This can be used as home decor or wall art and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Fabric and Material

82. Cosmetic bag

We’ve discussed personalizing an existing makeup bag, but did you know that you can use the Cricut to craft the cosmetic bag itself?

83. Fabric garland

Use your Cricut to create reusable fabric garlands for parties, weddings, or even your child’s bedroom.

84. Hair decorations

The Cricut can also be used to create fabric hair bows. You can either keep these for yourself or sell them online!

85. Quilts

As the Cricut cuts fabric, it can be used to create a beautiful quilt. This can be made extra special by using special pieces of fabric from your loved ones.

86. Bunting

The Cricut can be used to create fabric bunting for a summer BBQ, party, or any outdoor celebration!

87. Leather earrings

If wooden earrings aren’t your thing, you can use the Cricut to create leather earrings instead. You can keep these for yourself or sell them at a craft show.

88. Leather notebook cover

The Cricut can also be used to create a leather notebook cover. This is ideal to gift for a special birthday as they can keep it for years to come! leather notebook covers are also a popular thing to sell online.

89. Doll clothes

You can use your Cricut to create clothes for your children’s dolls. If you don’t have children yourself, you can create these to sell in your online shop.

A doll in a blue dress

90. Sleep masks

Choose your favorite fabric and use the Cricut to create a luxury sleep mask. This is ideal for those who struggle to fall asleep.

91. Drawstring bag

Use the Cricut to create a drawstring bag from scratch. You can then use your custom bag to transport gym gear, schoolbooks, or even groceries!

92. Advent calendar

You can even use your Cricut to make a reusable advent calendar. Choose your favorite fabric and create a pouch for each day in December. You can fill these with treats and reuse year after year.

93. Napkin rings

Napkin rings are easy to make with the Cricut. Use festive fabric to create napkin rings for the Christmas table.

94. Mini treat bags

Looking for an alternative to a plastic party bag? Create fabric mini treat bags for your kid’s next birthday party.

95. Coin purse

Choose your favorite fabric and use the Cricut to create a custom coin purse.


96. Gift tags

As well as cutting blades, the Cricut comes with its own pen tool that can be used to draw patterns, shapes, and even hand lettering. You can use this to create your own hand-drawn gift tags for the holiday season.

97. Drawing pages

You can also use the pen tool to create drawing pages for your little ones, or even for yourself! Today, many adults enjoy coloring to relax, so creating a few pages for yourself is a great idea.

98. Thank you cards

Use your Cricut to create hand-drawn thank you cards. These are perfect for handing out after a birthday or Christmas to show how much you appreciate your gifts.

99. Christmas cards

Want to give your Christmas cards a personal touch! Use the pen attachment on your Cricut to create beautiful hand-drawn designs.

100. Dot to dot game

Use the pen tool to make a fun dot to dot game to play with the kids.

So, there you have it – 100 things you can make with a Cricut. Before investing in a machine, have a good look at the specification of each to find a model that suits your needs.

This video delves into the pros and cons of each model:



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