Where to Learn Calligraphy Online

Calligraphy is an art form that requires time, dedication and love. Therefore, newcomers need plenty of resources and help when it all gets too frustrating or difficult.

A good quality set of calligraphy pens along with a strong online course, worksheet or video tutorial can work wonders for guidance and progression.

Online stores offer great links to tools and materials. Forums provide support and advice when all else fails. Here are 5 of the best online calligraphy resources around.


1) 9 Mousai

Obviously, the best place to learn calligraphy as a beginner is right here on 9Mousai! This guide covers the basics and what you need to get started, for more experienced calligraphers some of the below websites will also be helpful.

2) How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 days

The name Julie Blanner is one that is well-known in crafting circles. She is pretty prolific in terms of her online presence, with this personal website full of tips and ideas and her social media outlets. This empire has since grown with the partnership with Madi Reid Sander with the “how to learn calligraphy in 5 days course”. There are five videos that document Blanner’s own journey into the art. This accessible, simple approach is great for those that don’t want to sign up for a full course.

3) takes the best of both approaches with a classic approach to online learning and some more modern resources from young hobbyists.

There are also some interesting options for users that have the basics down, but want to progress in new directions. This includes the more casual style of brush calligraphy and the introduction to chalk lettering.

This site may not have as many users as the others, but there is a fun community feel and modern vibe to the resources, as well as fun newsletters.

4) The Flourish Forum

Finally, every calligraphy student needs a good forum where they can discuss the successes and failures of the craft, meet new people and learn new approaches. An online tutor can offer guidance with one approach, a forum can provide options.

The Flourish Forum is celebrated for its community spirit and range of material. There is even a section for left-handed calligraphers. It costs nothing to sign up and the rewards are priceless.

5) Oak Leaf Calligraphy

Oak Leaf Calligraphy is more than a helpful guide and a quick tutorial to help newcomers learn the basics. This site provides links to a series of online course with slightly different outcomes.

Most new users should really start with the “foundational hand online learning” option as a stepping stone to other ventures.

The other great thing about this series is that there is the choice to have tutor assistance. Some will like this feature for expert guidance. Others will prefer the more affordable non-tutor assisted option for independent learning at their own pace.

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