Why Graphic Design is Important

Graphic design is the process of visual communication.  It uses photography, fonts, and illustrations to convey a visual representation of ideas and messages you want to share with the viewer.  Graphic design is often used to create visual elements for advertisements, pamphlets, websites, packaging, labels, and many other forms of media.

But why is graphic design so important?  This article will share the reasons why graphic design is such a useful way to communicate.  We’ll also explain why businesses and organisations should spend time integrating high-quality graphic design into their marketing materials.


Why is graphic design so effective?

Human beings are visual creatures.  We are very good at recognising, processing, and memorising visual information.  This includes the patterns, text, images, and colours that we see.  In fact, about 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual stimuli which makes it our most-frequently utilised sense.

Visual information is also very effective at stimulating our brains.  It’s normal for an image of a sunny beach to make your feel relaxed while a bold red sign immediately attracts your attention.  This is why advertisers can use graphic design to associate a brand with a particular emotion, sensation, or memory.  When you see a Coca Cola advertisement and you are thirsty, your brain will trigger a series of memories that remind you about how great a Coke tastes on a hot day.

Graphic design is also effective because it can communicate a large amount of information almost instantly.  That’s why the idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” is still around today.  We can scan an image and immediately recite what we have seen in it.

Why is it important to use high-quality graphic design?


Graphic design helps you create a memorable brand

Your business’ brand is its visual identity.  It is critical that your brand be unique, memorable, and attractive to your target audience.  Graphic design is useful because it helps you create a brand that communicates a visual message that perfectly represents your business.  A graphic designer will use a combination of colours, typefaces, imagery, and layout to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

First impressions count

Most consumers will make a judgement on the quality of your business the very first time they see your brand.  If you have a poorly constructed logo, ugly website, or unattractive business card, they may assume your company is not professional.

A skilful graphic designer will ensure that your brand and promotional materials are professional, easy to read, attractive, and visually stimulating.  This will ensure that your first impression is always a good one.

Great design converts into sales more easily

Consumers find professionally designed business cards, websites, and brochures much more attractive and compelling — which makes them better for selling products or services.  The layout, images, fonts, and colours of your promotional materials can also be designed to make the viewer confident that you are a trustworthy business.

Graphic design helps you stand out from the crowd

If you are competing in a crowded market, you can use graphic design to build a highly-unique brand that really stands out.  If your logo, product packaging, website, and pamphlets look very different to your competitor’s efforts, you will attract consumers looking for something new and exciting.  Using a very creative approach for your graphic design is also very useful when trying to establish a new business in a market.

Graphic design helps you convey a brand message

Good graphic design can convey a specific brand message to your target audience.  The designer will use specific fonts, colours, and imagery to communicate the values your business stands for.  If you are a community bank, this might be security, trust, and stability  For a company like McDonald’s their brand message is energy and passion (conveyed by red and yellow), and french fries (conveyed by the golden arches).

Readability of content

One of the main goals of graphic design is to convey information efficiently.  It does so by using the perfect combination of layout, typography, images, and colours.  Your business’ pamphlets, advertisements and other promotional material will be much easier for a customer to understand if they have been created by a graphic designer.

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