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Do you enjoy writing poetry but are unsure whether it is of a high standard? Or maybe you have received great feedback on your work over the years but have never got around to trying to make money from writing poems. Did you know that there are plenty of opportunities to turn your favourite hobby into a regular income?

Successful poets are generally the ones that got that lucky break. Their poems were read by the right people, or they won contests that drew a lot of attention.

Entering competitions is one way to get your poetry noticed but it can often be a fruitless activity. When thousands of people submit work, judges have their work cut out to be able to give each and every entry the careful consideration that it deserves.

Other ways to get your poetry read by the right people

We live in a very digitally centric world and increasing numbers of people seek services using the Internet. So when people are looking for a poet to write a poem for their wedding or another occasion, or are in search of quality poets in general, they are likely to start their search on Google. So if you do not have any of your work or your contact details on a website then you are missing out on all of these people finding you.

Some poets set up their own website to upload their poems onto but if you are working on a small budget, this might not be something that you can afford. It can also be quite time-consuming to create a website, especially if you do not have much experience working with websites.

So an easier option is to upload your work onto an existing website where there are plenty of visitors already looking for skilled poets. They may be looking for a one-off poem or they may be trying to find someone to work for them on a freelance basis, either way, they will be searching websites like The Talent Bank to find that poet.

What is The Talent Bank?

It is a free-to-use website where poets and other creative people can upload their work, giving them a platform for their work to get discovered. You simply need to register and then you can start putting your work online. Clients looking for poetry talent will visit the website and see your work, so you will be closer than ever before to getting paid for your poetry talent.

Do you want to get feedback on your work?

Creative talent like poetry writers do not have many opportunities to get feedback on their work but The Talent Bank is perfect for doing just that. You can get your work rated by other talented poets, giving you a better idea of whether you should try and make money from your poetry or if there are specific styles that you should be concentrating on more. Sound like something you would be interested in? Visit this website to register for free.

Richard Hammond

I am the founder of 9Mousai and am deeply interested in creativity and what inspires it. My main passions are writing, film and music but I have huge respect for all the arts. I'm also an animal lover and have a little cat called Winston and enjoy the occasional whiskey or two...

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  1. Hello, I was hoping that you could tell me something about any free poetry competition and whether you accept poetry for publishing, say a trial of 10 poems for example. Have a nice weekend..
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