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Always fancied yourself as an Ed Sheeran-style genius of song writing but never known how to get a break?

The exception with Ed Sheeran is that he is an all-around musician that puts everything together from the song lyrics to the entire musical performance at his gigs. Songwriters who can sing and play instruments have a more obviously defined pathway into being successful but that does not mean songwriters do not have any options to start making money from their talent.

For every songwriter that cannot sing, there is a great singer with no decent song lyrics, the problem is that the two do not always find each other. When you look at some of the greatest songwriters of all time, they were mostly all-round musicians in successful bands like Paul McCartney or Bob Dylan. However, there is still a lot of songwriters who make a living without being in a successful band, it is just usually harder for them to get discovered.

How can songwriters find work?

Song lyric writers can approach bands to offer their services but if the band already has a songwriter then they might not be very receptive. There will be bands that do not have a talented writer amongst their ranks, who are crying out for a song lyric writer. A good place for them to look for a songwriter would be an online platform like The Talent Bank, as this is a platform where creative people can canvass their work.

How to use The Talent Bank

The fact that registering for The Talent Bank is free is one of the biggest attractions but there is a lot more to it than that. Once you have registered, you can quickly add your song lyrics onto the site, ready for people to find you and your work. So those bands and singers without a lyricist will be heading to websites like this in search of a talented songwriter and that could be you.

There are already thousands of visitors coming to the website in search of new talent, so it pretty much takes care of your marketing for you. So you will not have to set up your own website and pay for all of the costs associated with that – the hosting fees, the content, images etc. You are getting a platform to showcase your work, whilst at the same time attracting the kind of people that want to work with you.

Richard Hammond

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