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The Stand-up comedy circuit can be a difficult one to break into; your success can depend on how lively the audience are feeling on the day or other things completely out of your control.

There are so many great Stand-up comedians out there that just need that stroke of luck to become the next Billy Connolly or the next Sarah Millican.

Most people try their hand and Stand-up and give up before they get their big chance, which is a huge shame. But with bills to pay, the responsibilities of having a full-time job and trying to get started in Stand-up comedy can be very demanding, which is why so many talented comedians throw in the towel.

There is a lot more to being a successful Stand-up comedian than being able to make people laugh, you also need to be able to create fresh new material that strikes a chord with an audience. You might need to start off with talent shows and open mic nights to see how good you are. If you do well then you might get some local work from that but it takes time to build up your reputation and to develop your material.

Whenever you see a successful comedian, they will usually tell you the story of how they started out – telling jokes to half-empty rooms and getting heckled by drunks. It is not a beautiful fairytale for most but when it takes off, it can really take off. And everyone’s ultimate dream is to get paid for doing what they love, so never give up too soon.

Have you tried The Talent Bank?

Another approach to help canvass your work is to register with a website like The Talent Bank which is open to creative people to upload their work and share it with the kind of people that are looking for new talent. Getting started is easy, simply register for free and then you can upload recordings of your best Stand-up routines that you have performed. Even if you have not performed with a live audience, you might get attention if you have some great material.

When people are on the search for creative talent, there is a good chance that they will use the Internet to search for it, so you really do need to have your material online for people to discover your talent. You could try and set up your own website but that can take a long time and cost a considerable amount of money to get going. The Talent Bank is ready for you to start using straight away and you can even start talking to similar people to ask for advice or even work together on material/events.

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