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5 Of The Best Manga Films Ever

What is Manga?

It simply refers to a comic produced by creators from Japan or in Japan and extends to animation in films as well.

There are hundreds of these films but we have picked what we think are the best 5, so if you are just getting into Manga you should check these out:



An animated Japanese science fiction film released in 1988, it was directed by the creator of the Manga, Katsuhiro Otomo. The film tells of a dystopian 2019 Tokyo as Tetsuo, a teen biker goes against Shotaro who doesn’t want the teen to release Akira through his psychic ability.

Since its release, Akira is considered the turning point of Japanese animation when the genre was comfortably accepted globally; one of the best science fiction animation films of all time.

My Neighbour Totoro

Also a 1988 animated fantasy film from Japan, My Neighbour Totoro is the work of the famous Studio Ghibli and directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki.

The fantasy animation film is the story of Mei and Satsuki, two small girls of a professor in rural Japan after the Second World War and their association with the wood spirits friendly to them. The film has appeared in many rankings as one of the best films in the world today and number one among top animation movies.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection

A sequel to Afro Samurai of 2007, Afro: Samurai Resurrection was released in 2009 with the voices of Lucy Liu and Samuel. L. Jackson as Ninja-Ninja and Afro’s voice.

It became the first ever Manga film to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2009 and continues the story of Afro, who had fought to get back his father’s No. 1 Headband and destroy his killer. It has been praised for its spectacular action and incredible animation and a pulsation Ghostface score.

Sword of the Stranger

This Japanese Manga film was released in 2007 and tells the story of a boy hunted by swordsmen during the Chinese Ming Dynasty for the most mysterious of reasons. It has appeared in numerous festivals across the world, collected various awards and considered for an Academy Awards nomination in the Best Animated Feature category.

Sword of the Stranger has been praised for its breathtaking action sequences blended with a fascinating story that will make sense to everyone.

The Mystery of Mamo

A 1978 Japanese animated film, it is also known as the Secret of Mamo and appeared as the first of the Lupin III animated films franchise by Monkey Punch.

It follows the story of Arsene Lupin III, a master thief as he tries to foil the attempts of Mamo, a controlling recluse and very wealthy, including his bid to remain immortal. The Mystery of Mamo has been released and licensed to numerous companies across Europe and North America for release and contains four unique and distinct English dubs.

It’s an adventure tale that rolls Charlie Chaplin, Don Juan and James Bond into one with slapstick, cynical hilarity and great animated effects.

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