5 Best Photography Magazines for Beginers

Photography has been around since the 18th century. Not only has the camera structure changed but also the ways in which a photo can be taken.

Due to cameras now being easily available in smartphones, the last couple of years have seen the trend of ‘seflies’. It is a very catchy trend indeed, but because of it the essence of photography is somehow lost.

For those who wish to learn photography or improvise on their photography skills, we have compiled a list of best photography magazines for beginners.

Before you even start to think about which camera you need it is a good idea to read up on the skills and techniques needed to perfect your craft.


1. Popular Photography

The Popular Photography website

This is the best photography magazine for beginners who do not even own a camera as yet. Those who wish to take up photography as a career or even a hobby will benefit from the content of this magazine.

Popular Photography is a photography magazine for amateurs that contains great how-to tips for beginners, guides on how to choose the perfect camera for yourself and take great photos.

This magazine also contains expert advice on effective ways to get the most out of your camera whether you will be taking shots of animals, scenery or just of the family!

2. Black and White Magazine

This magazine is the ideal guide for beginners who are looking to develop their monochrome photography skills.

Black and White magazine focuses on black and white imagery, and contains tips and tricks on the ways to get the best black and white photographs.

It contains sections that include positive and negative section, exposure section, visual section and many more.

3. Digital Camera World Magazine

This magazine is all about digital photography and using a DSLR camera to take amazing photographs.

It’s packed full of useful advice for amateur photographers and is a great tool for those just starting out to master lighting principals and editing

3. Digital Photography and Design

This is one of the best photography magazines for those who are looking to brush up their digital photography skills.

From Digital Photography and Design, you can learn to manipulate and design images. It is the ideal amateur photography magazine that targets high-end commercial cameras as well as the general consumer market.

4. Practical Photography

Before the Age of ‘Selfies’, came the age of Digital SLR. Practical photography is the perfect magazine for those who own a DSLR and wish to get the most out of their camera.

It is very easy to buy a camera, but to use it to its full potential is very difficult, especially for beginners. For amateur photographers, this magazine is perfect as it teaches you all the skills that you need for your DSLR and more.

This magazine is a must-read for anyone who is passionate about photography.

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