Submit Your Photography to The Talent Bank for Free Exposure

Love taking snaps wherever you go? Got an eye for a great picture?

You’re an amateur photographer that would love to become a professional. Imagine how great it would feel to get paid to do something you love doing. Well, that does not have to be a dream anymore. Whether you are a fashion photographer, event photographer or landscape photographer, all genres are in high demand.

The hardest bit about turning your talent into a genuine career opportunity is knowing how to sell your work. You can set up social media accounts to share your work but the chances are that most people will head to Google when they are looking for the services of a photographer.

So for the majority of people to find your work and contact details, you will need to have an online presence of some form. You could create your own website but that could turn out to be quite expensive. Also, your website will not just immediately appear at the top of Google search results, you need to do a lot of work before you can get to that stage because there are millions of budding photographers out there to compete with.

This is where The Talent Bank comes in. The Talent Bank is a free to use website that enables you to upload your photography portfolio to show the world your skills.

Why is The Talent Bank better than setting up your own website?

As we mentioned, it is free compared to the expenses involved in setting up a website. Further to that, The Talent Bank has regular visitors that come to the website in search of photography and other creative talent. So if you do not know your SEO strategy from your PPC, you do not have to worry because the digital marketing experts at The Talent Bank will make sure that the right people are coming to the website to find your work.

It is really easy to register and then start uploading your work straight away. The Talent Bank attracts lots of clients who are trying to find photographers, so you will be one step away from becoming a professional photographer.

There are plenty of other benefits to registering with The Talent Bank – you can talk to other photographers that have made the step into making money from their photos. There are also functions such as the rating tools, which will help clients find your best work. This feature also gives you some insight into what type of work you should concentrate on, as all of the other creative minds will help you to decide which photographs are your best.

If you have never received valuable and constructive feedback on your work before then this is the opportunity you need to decide whether you should pursue this line of work. So go to this website to register and submit your photography work.

Richard Hammond

I am the founder of 9Mousai and am deeply interested in creativity and what inspires it. My main passions are writing, film and music but I have huge respect for all the arts. I'm also an animal lover and have a little cat called Winston and enjoy the occasional whiskey or two...

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