Submit Your Short Stories to The Talent Bank for Free Exposure

Do you like to write but are not sure how to get your work seen? We have a solution for you.

As a short story writer, you can sometimes feel like an ‘in between’ writer – where book authors and poets get more opportunities for publishing and promotion. There are competitions and other ways to send work to the relevant people to evaluate poems and books but short story writers just do not get the same kind of options.

It can be frustrating as well as disheartening and it can be incredibly difficult to get to the stage where you are able to monetise your work, whilst your poet acquaintances may be getting more success from their work. You might even start to think that there is little interest in short stories but it is more a case of the pathway to success being harder for short story writers.

How can I make money from short stories?

A question that comes up frequently is – how do writers make money from short stories? Of course there will be competitions that you can enter but there are often a ridiculous number of entries for the prize-based competitions.

Before you give up on the idea of being a professional short story writer, you should try canvassing your work through a website like The Talent Bank. It basically allows you to upload your work onto the platform for free and then people searching for talented short story writers can find you easily.

Short-fiction is more popular than some might think and there is definitely a healthy a demand for it in the literary world, it is just a case of connecting with the right people.

How does The Talent Bank work?

First of all you need to register for the platform and then you are free to start adding your work to create your online portfolio. There are no costs for uploading the work and it is simple and easy to do. The Internet offers the best way to search for any product or service in the modern era, so short stories are no different – people use the Internet to find them!

So if you do not have any of your work online, you will be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. You might wonder why it is better to use The Talent Bank rather than to create your own website. Well for a start, you will not need to spend the money and time on creating and maintaining your own website. The other great benefit is that people already use The Talent Bank to find creative talent, so you have a ready-made audience that could be interested in working with you.

If you are serious about turning your short story writing into a career then signing up with The Talent Bank could be the opening that gets you noticed.

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