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Where Was The Vampire Diaries Filmed?

Vampires have been fascinating people and filmmakers for years. Yet, it seems like now they are even more popular than ever before, and the success of The Vampire Diaries can be perfect proof.

In this article, you can discover places where this series was filmed. (Spoiler alert: They are mainly in Georgia). The good news is that some of them are real, and you can visit them!


Where Was This Series Filmed?

Even though the pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, the major part of the next episodes were shot in Georgia.

Clock Tower

The clock tower is one of the most common backgrounds in The Vampire Diaries. Many scenes were shot here, and you can actually see it in Convington. Unfortunately, climbing on the top is not allowed. In front of the clock tower a square on which all the scenes on the Mystic Falls Town Square were filmed is located.

Lockwood Mansion

In the series, Lockwood Mansion is a building in which Tyler, a teen werewolf, lived with his family.

The house exists in real life but is called Worthington Manor. It is a private property that most people cannot enter. However, there is one local tour provider, called Vampire Stalkers, which claims that people can see the interior of the mansion with them.

In this location, many scenes were shot during the years of filming, including Caroline and Stefan’s wedding.

Flashback Lockwood Mansion

Worthington Manor wasn’t the only building used for filming scenes in Lockwood Mansion. The filmmaker used it for the modern-day shots, but Lockwood Mansion also appears as a flashback in some episodes.

The house from 1864, currently the Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Covington, was used for the flashback scenes. The good news for fans is that they can rent a room there. There is nothing like enjoying the unique charm of the building and immersing in the vampire stories.

Elena Gilbert’s Home

Even though Elena Gilbert’s home burnt down in season four, it can still be spotted in Covington. In 2012 some people purchased the house and now they live there. Interior wasn’t used during production, so you can see everything that’s important from the outside.

The Mystic Grill

The diner in which Matt Donovan works as a waiter really exists and you can order food there. It was purchased in 2014 by John and Angi Beszborn and Ronnie and Kelley Johnston, who created here a great spot for all fans of The Vampire Diaries. Before that, while shooting The Vampire Diaries the building was filled with offices.

The outside of the restaurant was shot on the spot, but the interiors were filmed on a soundstage. This is why the inside of this place has not much to do with what fans could see in the series.

Whitmore College

Covington was the main place where The Vampire Diaries was filmed, but not the only one. The series features some scenes from Oxford College in Oxford, Georgia. It was used to represent Whitmore College to which Elena attended in season five.

The Whitmore College Frat House

Another place in Oxford that producers featured in The Vampire Diaries was Orna Villa. It is a historic Greek Revival house from the 1820s.

For the purposes of the series, the Villa was turned into a frat house. Here the bloody scene from “The Five” episode was shot. Also, at this place, Damon took Elena to the party on which she could experiment with choosing a victim.

The address of Orna Villa is 1008 N. Emory Street, Oxford, Georgia.

What Is The Vampire Diaries About?

A recently orphaned teenager, Elena Gilbert, meets and falls in love with Stefan Salvatore and then his brother Damon. It wouldn’t be anything special if not a fact that they are vampires.

With time, Elena discovers that the small town that she lives in, Mystic Falls, is not that boring as it seems. Its residents are werewolves, witches, and vampires.

Who Made The Vampire Diaries?

The story is based on the popular book written by L.J. Smith. It was adjusted to the series’ needs by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. The Vampire Diaries were directed by 46 people who worked on the production in various moments.

Nina Dobrev received the role of Elena. Paul Wesley was an actor who played Stefan Salvatore. Ian Somerhalder played his brother, Damon Salvatore.

Kat Graham appeared in the series as Bonnie Bennet. Zach Roerig played Matt Donovan, and Candice King got the role of Caroline Fobes. All of the mentioned characters, excluding Elena, appeared in all 171 episodes of the series.

Was The Vampire Diaries Success?

The popularity of the stories about vampires, a great cast, and thrilling plot led The Vampire Diaries to success. More than 3.60 million viewers watched the first season.

Before “Arrow,” it was the most-watched series of the network. Additionally, The Vampire Diaries earned various award nominations. Creators won four People’s Choice Awards and a few Teen Choice Awards.


Even if the vampires are not real, most of the places featured in The Vampire Diaries actually exist. That is a real perk for all the fans who would like to feel, even for a moment, like they are involved in a magical world.

Additionally, the series was mostly filmed in Covington, so fans don’t have to travel around the States to discover all the places they know from The Vampire Diaries. The question is if the residents of the real “Mystic Falls” are happy about it.

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