14 Amazing Art Charities We Support

We like to support charities and even more so charities that encourage your artistic nature. Here is a list of our favourite art charities with website and social media addresses.

Drop by and check them out and maybe make a donation that will help people and also encourages creativity.

Please spread the word about these art charities by sharing on social media.



Artfund is a registered charity that provides funds that enable museums and galleries to purchase works of art and fund events and exhibitions.

This art charity provides around £9m a year from their 110,000 members and their very committed network of volunteer fundraisers.

This money is used to provide cash for museums and galleries to buy valuable and important works of art.

Money is also given to display works of art to a wider public by organising tours and exhibitions.

Artfund receives no public funding; however, they often work in partnerships with other organisations to raise money for important art purchases.



Corearts is a charitable organisation that was formed over twenty years ago to help improve the lives of people suffering serious mental health problems.

Over these years the organisation has gathered experience that enables it to develop social enterprise schemes that provide creative learning to allow those with mental health problems to participate in their community and achieve their full potential.

By using art and creativity Corearts is helping break down the barriers and prejudices that surround those suffering from mental health problems.

The Art Room

The Art Room provides personnel who are expert in the fields of teaching, art, psychotherapy, drama therapy and many other areas in the social and creative fields.

These experts work with children between the ages of 5-16 who are suffering from a range of mental and social disorders and need some special care and attention to help raise their confidence and self-esteem.

The Art Room has created an environment where children experiencing learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, or other forms of social deprivation, can flourish and “learn and achieve through art”.

Art for Charity

Art for Charity raises large sums of money for charity through sales of artwork through various selling methods.

They arrange to sell high profile works of art by way of charity events, corporate events and online sales.

Art for Charity collaborate with the artists and arrange for an agreed percentage of the sale to be donated to various charities.

These donations are made up from 20% on original artwork, while limited editions raise a minimum of 30% on each sale.

Children and Art

Children & the Arts are an educational charity committed to making sure all children gain inspiration for an early introduction to the arts.

They especially work to ensure that disadvantaged children have access to high-quality art and art activity that would otherwise be denied to them because of adverse economic and social barriers.

They are aware of the positive effect that exposure to the arts at an early age has on the development of a child’s creativity and communication skills.

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Createarts focuses on bringing art and creativity to disadvantaged people who have little or no access to those who can help develop their creative and social skills.

They concentrate their efforts on groups of disadvantaged people. Disabled adult band children, school children in deprived areas and the vulnerable elderly are just some of the people they help.

Createarts develop projects to help those who participate develop their social skills and assist them in honing their creative talents and help them achieve their full potential.

The Eaton Fund

The Eaton Fund is a charity whose aim is to give aid and comfort to Artists, Nurses, and Gentle women who have fallen on hard times.

The fund is named after an eccentric artist, Ellen Eaton.

Ellen was a well-known and celebrated amateur artist. She led an eccentric and independent life and never married.

After her death in 1949, the majority of her assets were sold, and according to her last wishes, the money raised was used to benefit her chosen group of distressed folk.

The Ellen Eaton fund became a charity in 1954.

The RCA Fund

The RCA Fund allows very talented students access to postgraduate education, without being denied the opportunity due to financial restrictions.

It is believed that around 25% of UK students have to refuse a place at the college due to the lack of finance.

The fund provides a sustainable long-term income that benefits students on a wide variety of projects.

The RCA Fund encourages highly talented students from deprived backgrounds to apply for places at the college, and not be deterred or discouraged by the lack of finance.

Epic Arts

Epic Arts is a charity that believes in promoting inclusion and acceptance of people of all abilities through training programmes and workshops across the world.

The charity was formed in 2001 as an arts organisation that aims to bring both able and disabled people together through drama, theatre and creative projects.

Their first project in 2001 was choreographing an integral dance performance with children in an orphanage in China. Since then they have expanded their range of creative projects to cover all aspects of the creative arts.

Reflections Art in Health

Art in Health works with people who suffer from mental health issues.

The charity that was formed in 2011 aims to promote the creative talents of people who have suffered or are suffering mental distress and to help them recover by releasing their creativity.

Their work is directed towards influencing national policy on art and mental health specifically, and health care involving art in general.

Art in Health also assists other likeminded people to develop networks to promote art in mental health wellbeing.

Wild in Art

Wild in Art is an educational organisation that promotes citizenship and conservation to everyone but is specifically aimed at children.

The creative and educational process is achieved by Wild in Art offers a wide range of colourful animal sculptures that are placed on the streets and pathways of towns and communities across the United Kingdom.

These educational projects inspire and excite the imaginations of children of all ages and abilities, and allows them to discover and explore their hidden creative talents.

Paintings in Hospital

Painting in Hospitals believes that the healing process is helped along by involving art, and having access to artworks improves the patients’ health and wellbeing.

Originally established in London in 1959, they now operate nationally across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They have set up four loan schemes and collected over 4000 original works of art that can be borrowed by social care and health sites,  these schemes have been set up to meet the demands of all types of care users and patients.

Creative Response

Creative Response is a charity founded to assist people suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues.

Established in 1993, they use performance and visual arts as therapy to encourage vulnerable people to rise above and free themselves from fears and feelings holding them back and inhibiting their progress.

They achieve this by encouraging those vulnerable people to partake in all forms of visual and performing arts.

These arts include drawing, sculpture among others, plus performance art such as dance, drama and filmmaking.

Art V Cancer

Art V Cancer is a project that was set up in 2011 with the intention of raising money for several cancer charities.

They achieve this by offering a huge range of posters and prints for sale.

With the sale of each poster, Art V Cancer donates at least £10/$15 to the cancer charities, the project takes the minimum amount of the sale price to cover their costs.

Since launching the project Art V Cancer has raised and donated over £14,000/$24,000 to a number of cancer charities.

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