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7 Of the Most Depressing Movies Ever Made

A depressing film is an acquired test.

Not many people would love to take a depressing journey in the world of film and leave feeling like someone just died or they lost something.These 7 films will not just leave your day gloomy but actually offer an astonishing paradigm into what misery can be.


Requiem for a Dream

In the year 2000, Darren Aronofsky adapted Hubert Selby Jr’s novel into one of the most depressing moments ever captured on film. Four linked characters find themselves battling addictions. The hope of a happy outcome is quashed as the four find themselves plunged deep into their own delusional worlds; one falls into a lunatic rollercoaster of diet pills and obsession with appearing on TV as the other three become hysterically addicted to heroin and the results are devastating.

The final 30 minutes will probably be the most intense you have ever watched and will probably drain the little life you had remaining in you.


A 2010 drama set in the 80s, it’s a harrowing tale adapted from Sapphire’s book Push, based on real events.

Claireece Precious Jones, a teenager, is abused practically in many ways in her life. If for any reason you feel self-pity for any shortcoming in your life, you might want to watch Precious. The teenager is horrifically affected by domestic abuse, thrown out of school before giving birth to a baby sired by her own father.

Before you even get depressed you learn Precious is pregnant, again.

The Best Years of Our Lives

This 1946 film is one of the earliest films dealing with servicemen who have returned home after the war.

One of the three soldiers loses his hand, another becomes a serious drunkard as the third one fights with serious night terrors. You’ll probably weep as one of the characters leaves his fiancĂ©e to avoid depressing her for the rest of her life.

Angela’s Ashes

A memoir set in Ireland, this 1999 film might have some form of a happy ending but to get there you will have to be heartbroken a dozen times.

A worthless alcoholic father doesn’t miss any opportunity that arises to drink the meagre savings of his family.

The Mist

A 2007 film, disturbing defines this Stephen King’s novel adaptation. Imagine driving for miles across a New England ravaged by monsters only for the car to finally run out of fuel.

Tom Jane is left with the hardest choice ever: murder his small boy and his friends with the remaining firepower or leave them to suffer the nastiest death there is. After making his choice the film comes to an end in one heck of a finale.

The Elephant Man

This 1980 film tells the story of a man with a misshapen appearance and the ridicule that follows.

He is ill-treated for a long time only to be diagnosed with a terminal condition before ending his life.

Hotel Rwanda

A 2004 film retelling the 1994 harrowing genocide that took place in Rwanda as the world watched. Every horror that manifests on every corner will churn your stomach as the machete slaughters shock you to depressing levels. Even the happy ending revealed about the main character at the end does not really help.


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