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Where Conagher Was Filmed

Conagher is a popular Western film directed by Reynaldo Villalobos and produced by Sam Elliott and John A. Kuri.  Released in 1991, this film stars Sam Elliott, Katharine Ross, and Barry Corbin.  It was a very successful film that earned Sam Elliott a nomination for a Golden Globe award for best actor.

It is an exciting story about an honest gunslinging cowboy named Conn Conagher, played by Sam Elliott.  Conagher discovers that his fellow ranch hands are going to steal their employer’s cattle.  At the same time, Conagher develops a relationship with Mrs Evie Teale (played by Katharine Ross).  Their lives become intertwined as they struggle to deal with criminal cowboys, dangerous Indians, and the loneliness of life in the country. It is also a great film for learning the movie-making process.


Filming locations for Conagher

Fans of Conagher enjoyed its gritty dialogue, excellent acting, and interesting story.  However, many viewers were particularly drawn to the beautiful locations shown in the movie.  As a result, many people have asked the questions where was Conagher filmed?  Here are a few of the main locations where Conagher was filmed:

Buckskin Joe Frontier Town & Railway, Colorado

Buckskin Joe Frontier Town was a Western-style movie set, theme park, and railway located 13 kilometres west of Cañon City, Colorado, USA.  The town was established as a movie set in 1957 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer director Malcolm F. Brown.  Many films had scenes shot in the town over the years, including Cat Ballou (1965), True Grit (1969), The Cowboys (1972), How the West Was Won (1977), and Lightning Jack (1994).

Tourists were allowed to enter the town in 1958 and it quickly became a bustling tourist attraction.  Visitors enjoyed seeing the many sets that were used in their favourite Western films.  The town was shutdown in 2010 when it was bought by Florida Billionaire William Koch.  Koch had the town dissembled and moved to his ranch near Gunnison.

Kaibab National Forest, Arizona, USA

Kaibab National Forest is a 1.6 million acres (650,000 ha)  nature reserve located in Arizona.  It is a beautiful forest that borders the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon.  The forest contains many species of animals including elk, wild turkey, mule deer, white-tailed deer, black bears, and pronghorn.

Coconino National Forest, Arizona, USA

This 1.856-million acre (751,000 ha) national forest is located close to the city of Flagstaff.  The area was designated a U.S. National Forest in 1908.  It is one of the most diverse national forests in the United States, which includes pine forests, alpine tundra, volcanic peaks, and deserts.  This diversity makes it a valuable location for filming movies.

Happy Jack, Arizona, USA

Happy Jack is a campground and community located in the Mogollon Rim Region of Coconino County, Arizona.  It is a beautiful part of the state with many rivers and forests that is popular with tourists.

Prescott National Forest, Arizona, USA

This 1.25 million acre (510,000 ha) United States National Forest is located in north-central Arizona.  It is located to the southwest of Flagstaff (just north of Phoenix).  It contains eight designated wilderness areas that are up more that 104,000 acres.  There are multiple campgrounds located in the forest for visitors to enjoy.

Mingus Mountain, Arizona, USA

Mingus Mountain is a part of the Black Hills mountain range, located in central Arizona.  It is an impressive mountain with an elevation of 7,818 ft (2,383 m).  It has been the perfect backdrop for Conagher and many Westerns.

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona, USA

These two national forests are located in southern central Arizona and northern New Mexico.  They cover about 2.76-million-acres (11,169 km2).  Thanks to the high elevations and cool breezes, the forests are popular camping locations.

Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA

Prescott Valley is a small town located in Yavapai County, Arizona.  It is situated about 8 miles to the east of Prescott and is one of the fastest growing towns in Arizona.

Mount Trumbull Wilderness, Arizona, USA

Located on top of Uinkaret Plateau in the Arizona Strip, this wilderness area covers about 7,880 acres (31 km2).  It is situated just north o the Grand Canyon National Park.  It is home to a variety of flora and fauna including  Utah juniper, pinyon pine, Mojave yucca, sagebrush, mountain lions, and pronghorn deer.

Cottonwood, Arizona, USA

Cottonwood is a city of about 11,000 people that is located in Yavapai County, Arizona.  Multiple scenes in Conagher were filmed in-and-around the town.

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