How to Find Inspiration for Your Art

Finding inspiration as an artist can at times be a struggle.

But it doesn’t need to be.

Just as a writer would experience ‘writer’s block’ or an actor/actress can experience stage fright and forget their lines, an artist will go through phases where in order to continue with their work, seeking a new direction is sometimes necessary in order to creatively open the mind and focus on the art project ideas you want to make a reality.

Bring Out Your Inner Creativity

Artists throughout time have found their own methods and ways of figuring out what is needed for them to produce the work that they do.

It’s pretty much about finding a peaceful balance within our busy surroundings and experimenting as much as we can with all the possibilities that being creative brings. What works for some, may not work for others but with the help and advice on hand, you will be able to put some of these techniques we’ve found into your own routine, which will allow you to regularly practice and create art that helps improve your work along the way. Whilst at the same time giving you guidance on how you can snap out of those ‘stuck’ phases and be in control.

Many artists work from their personal experiences in life but there are also other routes that can influence our artistic approach and the way that we feel we need to represent our vision to an audience. Something that you believe in or a topic that you are interested in would be a good starting point for you, note down your ideas as inspiration comes in many forms meaning that it could come to you when you least expect it, so carrying a notebook or sketchbook around with you is a useful tool to have for you to refer back to.

Look A Little Further for Inspiration

Our closed environment around us does not always give us the imagination we need, so looking further afield and doing research into topics that you find you are passionate about will help you begin achieving a new level of creativity. If for example deep down you are a huge fan of say the ‘Tiger’ and want to find alternative ways to show the beauty of this animal through your art.

But you need to get up close and personal.

If you can’t physically travel to the homeland of a tiger, to study it up close, then an alternative could be to take a trip to your local zoo, take a camera and take some photographs from which you can work from. Research the tiger online and learn about the big cat that inspires you. You will feel more confident in your work the more knowledge you have and eventually inspiration will come naturally, allowing you to experiment further.

Inspiration may not even be real. It could come from a dream that you have had, where a strong vision will stick in your mind. As dreams can come across in a very surreal manner, it can translate into some interesting art!  You could use photographs to capture images, which allows you to recreate a photo like for like or you could even manipulate the contrasts of colours, shapes and patterns to give the artwork your own personal touch.

Art Classes May Help

To discover what most interests you as an individual, getting involved in a local art class or joining art groups & forums online is a good way to experiment on topics and projects you might not have considered previously. Meeting like-minded individuals will open doors for you and challenge you individually.

Visit Art Galleries for Stimulation

Venture out to art galleries. You will find that looking at other artists work will help you to understand what your own likes & dislikes are. As you learn to appreciate what another artist is trying to say to their audience, it will help you to gain an insight into what it is that you want to say with your own work.

Take a look at some famous names in the art industry and familiarise yourself with their work,

What inspired them?

Why are you drawn to their art?

You might find that maybe you would work better using a different technique… e.g. you mainly paint with acrylics, but you are actually more talented when working with oils!

The sky is not always blue, flowers blossom in many vibrant colours.

We are unique individuals that see the world completely different to the person standing next to us!  Art will never grow old and there will always be something to inspire us, go find it!

Below are some useful pages to look at.  Hear from the artists themselves, advice on ways to relax and remain focused on your creative goals. Also, a link to some creative quotes to give you a boost and a reminder why you love what you do!

If you have any help or advice for those seeking artistic inspiration, please add them in the comments.


If you are an amateur artist be to submit your art here




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