How to Post Your Art on Pinterest

Social media platforms have opened a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to promoting and selling your work online. Image-focused platforms such as Pinterest are particularly interesting for artists who are looking to promote their work and gain a solid following. There are various ways to go about posting and pushing your work on Pinterest – here are our top tips!


First Things First: Set Up Your Page

If you haven’t already done so, start by setting up your Pinterest page. If you’re looking to post art on a professional level, i.e. you’re looking to sell your work, opt for a business account instead of a regular account, as it will come with extra perks that will prove extremely useful to you. Add a link to your website and any other social media accounts, blogs or pages that act as a professional portfolio, and write an engaging description of who you are and what you’re all about, that will make people want to learn more about you. Be sure to sprinkle your descriptions with keywords that are relevant to your work, to make it easier for Google to pick up on your page when people search for these terms.

Add the Pinterest Plugin

Start pinning artwork directly from your website by using the Pinterest plugin which can be installed in your internet browser. By installing the plugin, a “Pin It” button will appear on all online images; by clicking it, a pop-up window will allow you to choose which board your pin will be added to and will give you the option to add a caption or further details about the image.

Create Different Boards

The most important thing to remember about Pinterest is that it will act as your online portfolio hence, it is important that your work is presented in an organized, attractive fashion. Create a different board for each category. For example: split your work into different mediums, styles or colour schemes; i.e. keep all your acrylic paintings on one board and your pencil drawings on another. This will make it easy for potential followers and visitors to understand what you are selling at first glance and will grant you more exposure by way of extra content.

Engage with Other Pinterest Users

“Sharing is Caring” – that’s the social media motto, this is what it’s all about. Trust that millions of other artists are trying to create a following on Pinterest as well, so the best you can do is work together as a community and support one another. If someone shares your work, always take the time to thank them and be on the lookout for ways to reciprocate by sharing their work or engaging with them by ways of posting comments and liking their pins. Not only will you be increasing your own exposure and that of others, but you’ll also be engaging in the “social” part of this online platform.

Pin Regularly

To gain a steady following, it is important for you to post regularly – preferably around the same hours every day. The highest traffic on social media is typically between 8 and 9AM/PM during weekdays; Sundays between 8 and 10pm see the best results during the weekend. By pinning regularly, you are showing consistent engagement and are creating more content, which will increase your visibility on search engines.

Be Creative

If you want to stand out on Pinterest, be creative and branch out. If you’re an experienced acrylic painter, for example, put together a board of tutorials for different levels. Find different ways to attract all types of followers – from those looking to learn how to paint, to those who are looking to buy art.

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