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Are you a talented artist and want to start making money from your skills? Or an existing artist looking for better marketing opportunities for your work?

It is every artist’s dream to make enough money to concentrate on art on a full-time basis but the journey to get to that point is not easy. However, we have the ideal platform for you to submit your work and take that first step to becoming a professional artist.

Whether you have never made money from your work, or you are looking for additional ways to market your work, we can be that online link that you need to get you to the next level.

Why use The Talent Bank?

Our partner website The Talent Bank is visited by thousands of art appreciators every day. You can showcase your work to all of these people, rather than paying for expensive marketing campaigns to drive people to your own website and work portfolio. We already have your target audience of potential buyers visiting our site to find artists like you.

When you are first starting out as an artist, your marketing budget is probably limited but online promotion of your work is a type of marketing that you cannot afford to miss out on. Artists at all levels are seeing increased revenue through carefully developed digital marketing but they are artists, not digital marketing experts – so that is where The Talent Bank comes in.

Free Marketing For Your Art Portfolio

At no cost, you can create an account on The Talent Bank and submit as much of your art as you choose. You can then use your links to share on social media or even write about in your blog. You also have access to a whole new set of connections to other artists and creative talent, so you can ask for help and opinions from like-minded people.

In a world where Google is used for searches over 3.5 billion times per day, it makes sense to use the Internet to promote your work. Traditional marketing methods for artists will then complement the digital promotions.

Stepping Stones to Success

Such is the nature of being an artist, getting noticed is usually the hardest part. At The Talent Bank, we have helped numerous artists take those first crucial steps on the way to becoming an established, professional artist. We have also helped professional artists to expand their sales base and get noticed by the right people in the art industry.

There are so many benefits of using The Talent Bank and as it is free to use, there is nothing stopping you from getting started right now. Join the growing network of talent and you too can see how the site can bring you great success.

Richard Hammond

I am the founder of 9Mousai and am deeply interested in creativity and what inspires it. My main passions are writing, film and music but I have huge respect for all the arts. I'm also an animal lover and have a little cat called Winston and enjoy the occasional whiskey or two...

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