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If you are wondering how you can take the next step to start making some money for your drawing talent, then you have come to the right place.

Even if you are just drawing as a hobby, it is worth finding out if you could make some extra money from it.

Whether you sketch portraits, enjoy drawing animations or any other form of drawing; these skills are in demand. Businesses are always on the lookout for talented artists to draw images for them. From book covers to images to upload onto business websites, there is plenty of work out there for skilled drawers.

So the demand is definitely there, the problem is that it is not easy finding this type of work unless you know where to look. Contacting a long list of businesses to showcase your work could develop into work leads but how do you know which businesses would require these skills? The chances are that the majority are not looking for your services, or at least not right away.

The other option that you have is that you could set up your own website to show people your work but you will have to do some significant marketing work to get potential customers to your website. You will have to invest in SEO and/or paid traffic to get people onto your website so they can actually see your work.

Introducing The Talent Bank

The Talent Bank website is a solution to your problem. It is completely free to use and you can quickly have your work uploaded and ready for your target audience to view. The Talent Bank already attracts huge numbers of visitors that have come to the website specifically to find creative talent like yours.

All you need to do is register and then you can upload your drawing portfolio to show your potential clients what you are capable of. As well as giving you the platform to showcase your work, you can also be part of The Talent Bank community, which is filled with helpful, creative people just like you. So if you are looking for advice or are struggling for inspiration, you can talk to people who can help you out.

Find out how good your work is

Users can also rate each other’s work, which can help clients to find great work or can help artists to understand what their strengths are. If you are not sure whether anybody will appreciate your work, then don’t just carry on wondering, do something about it.

Head to The Talent Bank website and take control of your destiny. Would you rather look back and say ‘If only I had given it a go!’ or would you rather make that first step towards getting your work seen by the right people? Seize the opportunity:

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